Gov. Newsom signs SB 9, curbing single-family zoning in California – San Bernardino Sun

Governor Gavin Newsom decided to essentially abolish California’s single-family zoning and boost state housing production in one of the first actions after trying to survive the election and dismiss him. Approved a series of targeted bills.

By signing Senate Bill 9, Newsum opened the door to develop up to four residential units on a single family site throughout California.The movement continues Growing push By local governments to allow apartments in more residential areas.Berkeley Voted To eliminate single-family zoning by December 2022, San Jose Set to consider the issue next month.

Opponents fear that such a drastic change would destroy the character of the residential area, but supporters have adopted urban zoning legislation that has helped fight the state’s persistent housing crisis and contribute to racism. Welcome it as the necessary way to fix it.

“The affordable housing crisis is undermining California’s dream for families across the state and threatening our long-term growth and prosperity,” Newsom wrote in a news release. .. “It takes bold investment, strong inter-sectoral cooperation, and political courage from leaders and communities to make a meaningful impact on this crisis, do the right thing, and build housing for everyone. I will build it. “

The crisis has long been a major concern among Bay Area voters — 89% said homelessness is a very serious or very serious problem. Polling According to polls conducted on the press and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, 86% said housing costs were a very serious or very serious problem.

Newsom takes office with a bold promise to attack California’s serious housing shortage, and in his first year, a record $ 1 billion to fight the homeless and 1.7 billion to build more homes. It will land a budget, including $ 50 million, launch a homeless task force, and for the first time will fine cities that violate production rules. This year, Newsom made a major commitment to Californian housing, including building a homeless home and signing a $ 12 billion bill to support services for homeless people.

Newsom had previously rocked the zoning of single-family homes by signing legislation that would allow more homeowners to build units in law on their property. SB 9 takes it a step further, allowing real estate owners to build up to two duplexes in what was once a single-family home.

Slow growing group Easy to live in CaliforniaOpposing SB 9, calls it a “radical density experiment” and worried developers will use it to recreate their neighborhood without community input.

Before developing into an apartment, the property must meet certain criteria under SB9. For example, it must be large enough and the owner must have lived there for at least three years before splitting the property. According to a study by the Turner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, the new law is at best 700,000 units Throughout California.

Newsum on Thursday also signed SB10, creating a process that would allow local governments to streamline up to 10 new multifamily housing projects built near transit or in urban areas. The new law also simplifies zoning requirements under the California Environmental Quality Act, and developers complain that it can stall projects for years.

“The SB10 offers one important approach: making it dramatically easier and faster for cities to zone more homes,” said Scott, the author of the bill, D-San Francisco. Senator Wiener wrote in a news release. “It doesn’t take five or ten years for a city to rezone, and SB 10 provides the city with powerful new tools to get the job done quickly.”

Gov. Newsom signs SB 9, curbing single-family zoning in California – San Bernardino Sun Source link Gov. Newsom signs SB 9, curbing single-family zoning in California – San Bernardino Sun

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