Gov. Newsom signs law to remove the word ‘alien’ from California state code

Sacramento, California-California counteracts the word “alien” from state law and removes what Governor Gavin Newsom called “fueled a divisive and harmful story” and “unpleasant words for humans.”

Newsom signed a law on Friday to remove the word from various sections of California law. California passed legislation in 2015 and 2016, removing the term from the state’s labor and education legislation.

But the law, signed by Newsom on Friday, gets the job done by removing the word from all state law. This word is replaced with terms such as “non-citizen” and “immigrant.”

“By changing this term, California law will reflect state values,” says Newsom.

The federal government has used the term “alien” to refer to non-citizen Americans since at least 1798, with the enactment of the “Foreigners and Incitement Act.” However, Arleta’s Democrat, Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, said, “To dehumanize immigrants, the term became a weapon and was explicitly used in place of racial slurs.”

“The words we say and the words we adopt in our law are important. This racist term’foreigner’must be immediately removed from California law,” Rivas said. ..

Governments, libraries and news agencies have updated immigrant languages ​​in recent years. The Associated Press updated its widely used stylebook in 2013 and advised against using the phrases “illegal immigrants” or “illegal immigrants.” The Harvard Library announced in March that it would remove the phrase “illegal resident” from the catalog language.

And in April, US President Joe Biden ordered the Federal Immigration Department to stop calling immigrants “aliens.”

This change is California’s latest effort to modernize the wording of the law. Earlier this year, Newsom signed a law that would insert gender-neutral language into the law on California Conservation Corps and state-wide elected officers.

Despite the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris was the state’s first female Attorney General and Eleni Kounalakis was elected the state’s first female vice-governor, California law calls the state attorney general and vice-governor “he.” I called him “he”.

California is one of the few states in the country to provide government-funded health insurance to low-income children and some adults who live illegally.

Newsom also said that crimes targeting people based on migrant status are hate crimes, and that California’s private detention facilities used to detain migrants must comply with local and state public health orders. Signed a clarification law on Friday.

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Gov. Newsom signs law to remove the word ‘alien’ from California state code Source link Gov. Newsom signs law to remove the word ‘alien’ from California state code

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