Gov. Newsom signs $123.9 billion education package which will expand CA’s kindergarten program

Governor Newsom has signed a new education package that will provide record funding for schools in California.

How Newsam on Friday should invite a group of young students from Napa Valley Elementary School to spend most of the $ 123.9 billion for kindergarten-to-high school education in the 2021-202 fiscal year Helped to sign the law that directs.

As part of a broader new education spending package made possible by the state’s surprising budget surplus, the state’s two-year kindergarten program will be extended to include all four-year-olds for free. The program, which costs $ 2.7 billion annually, aims to phase out expansion by 2025.

The new plan will also invest more in after-school and summer school programs, especially in districts that serve many in-demand students.

“This isn’t what we’ve done in the state so far. Not only do we create a whole new grade, but we also rap so that all four-year-olds in California have quality education and fulfillment. We also offer. Around the service. “

This year’s budget will also add funding to fund free school lunches for all students, with $ 54 million this year and $ 650 million in the future.

Newsom’s kindergarten expansion fulfills the promise that he and the Democratic legislative leader will submit a state-wide universal four-year-old kindergarten bill.

Currently, about 91,000 4-year-olds are enrolled in the transitional kindergarten. The new plan will increase the number of registrants to approximately 250,000.

The bill has achieved many long-standing priorities for Congressional Democrats, said Democrat Cecilia Agiar Curry, who attended the signing ceremony.

“We are changing our lives,” said Agi Alcaray of Winters. “By signing this today, we are not going to leave anyone behind.”

Newsam said the money was a lot of the coronavirus pandemic exposed, including the need for strong mental health services to deal with depression and trauma in children, increased teachers, and a lower teacher-student ratio. It states that it aims to deal with equality.

Friday California officials also said This fall, the school environment will continue to require masks, Despite being new Guidance from the CDC Vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear them inside the school building.

“Where you don’t have the ability to distance as one of the other mitigation strategies … Masking is a great form of mitigation,” he said. “So it was an important strategy to start our school year with children masked and to have 100% of the students come directly and come back safely.”

According to a State Department press release, the masks needed to set up an indoor school “also guarantee that all children will be treated the same.”

Garry said the Ministry of Health will release more detailed guidance for the school to reopen next week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Gov. Newsom signs $123.9 billion education package which will expand CA’s kindergarten program Source link Gov. Newsom signs $123.9 billion education package which will expand CA’s kindergarten program

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