Goose in Virginia has neighbors ‘flocking’ to see her

Virginia Beach, Virginia-When Dana Fried and Dominique Dikolandrea moved home from New York last year, they continued to receive the same questions from their neighbors.

“Are you going to wear goose clothes? Do you have any costumes?” He said he was released.

A strange question suddenly made sense when I remembered the discoveries I made while I was moving.

“We found a box of costumes in the closet, which we originally thought was a small costume for puppies and dogs,” said Dikolandrea.

It turns out that the original owner began the tradition in the 70’s and dressed up a stone goose on a mailbox in front of his home on Stratford Chase Drive.

It was a tradition that neighbors loved, so Fried and Dikolandrea take it to a new level, thanks to Fried’s costume skills while helping her daughter’s high school theatrical production in New York. I decided on.

“It’s been a lot of fun for us. We’re enjoying it,” DiColandrea said.

They come up with ideas and work together to find what they need at a thrift shop. Her current appearance is Elsa from the movie “Frozen”, but she has 15 to 20 different outfits over the past year.

“My favorite was Woodstock’s anniversary. We dressed her as a hippie,” Fried said.

Starting with the costume box, it became the entire goose costume closet with winter coats, rain jackets, dresses and other items. Regardless of the season or the weather, she is never without a costume.

“We really feel sick when she’s naked,” Fried laughed.

What the neighbor noticed was the labor of love. “We actually received a love letter. Well, she received a love letter,” Fried said. “I’m getting a card that says,’When you come, your day will be very bright.'”

A neighbor is sending a photo of a goose to a Colombian family.

“She is now internationally famous,” said Dikolandrea.

“We keep it a secret,” Fried said of his upcoming Halloween appointment.

You need to duck back to see it later.

Erica Greenway of WTKR first reported this story.

Goose in Virginia has neighbors ‘flocking’ to see her Source link Goose in Virginia has neighbors ‘flocking’ to see her

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