Google TV is adding kids profiles this month in the US

Google today announced that it will add popular customer requests to its Google TV software. A personalized profile for children. Kid Profile allows you to choose which apps are available to younger viewers. If your child’s Google account already exists, you can add it as your child’s profile, but your child’s Google account doesn’t exist. MandatoryYou can also create a profile simply by adding the child’s name and age.

Similar to Google TV for adults, kids will see a side-by-side selection of age-appropriate shows. You can also share purchased movies and TV shows with your child profile in the Google Play Family Library. At least for now, you don’t have to deal with children’s content that is infiltrating your recommendations.

Parents can set a total daily play time limit in their child’s profile and enter a specified bedtime. “Before the final” Time is up “screen is displayed and the total playing time is over, you’ll see three countdown warning signs,” Google TV product manager Saleh Altayyar wrote in a blog post. “There is always an option to add bonus time when it’s not school night.”

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Parents can prevent their children from switching to a regular profile by setting a profile lock that requires the PIN to be bypassed. You can also check out Google’s Family Link smartphone app to “see how much time your child spends on their favorite apps, block and unblock apps, and control app activity.” I can do it.

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The background of the child’s profile can be customized with a variety of themes, and Google says it will add profile avatars “in the coming weeks.” Please note that Google TV has added a kids profile, but it still doesn’t offer the ability to create multiple profiles. grown up Profile — Hopefully it’s not too late.

Your child’s profile will be rolled out to Chromecast on Google TV and other Google TV devices in the United States starting this month, and will expand globally following the “next few months.”This feature is definitely needed and will help solidify Google TV as follows: Defeat streaming interface..

Google TV is adding kids profiles this month in the US Source link Google TV is adding kids profiles this month in the US

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