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Google today Presentation Change to online advertising. This will allow web searchers to see who the advertiser is, why the ad was served, as well as the most other ads that the advertiser ran on Google. recently. This change is part of Google’s major overhaul of its advertising business in the face of increased regulatory oversight and a broad shift across the technology industry to technologies that promote transparency and consumer privacy.

In this case, Google is building on last year’s launch Advertiser identification programAdvertisers are required to disclose personal information such as documents certifying their identity and documents confirming the country in which they do business, as well as details of the products they sell. These disclosures were launched last year for advertisers who purchase ads from Google’s network. So far, Google has said it has begun verifying advertisers in more than 90 countries around the world.

Today, the “About This Advertisement” product also includes expanded disclosure.

Within these new advertiser pages, anyone can click to see advertiser details and access a menu that shows all the ads that a particular advertiser has run in the last 30 days.

Google presents this as a useful tool from the consumer’s point of view, looking at how consumers who see products for sale, such as coats, can use this tool to learn more about brands and other products. However, because it shows the history of advertisers’ ads in a single destination, it’s also a clear way to identify potential malicious actors in the advertising ecosystem.

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From here, users will be able to more easily report ads that violate Google. policy Banned or restricted content such as counterfeit products, dangerous products, inappropriate content, abuse, violations of interest-based advertising policies, advertisements that deceive users, violations of local election laws and regulations.

The change happens when Google’s approach to online advertising is changing. Google hints at today’s broader strategy, stating that the new ad disclosure is “based on our efforts to create a clear and intuitive experience for users engaged in advertising for Google products.” .. He also noted that more than 30 million users interact with ad transparency and control menus daily. The features that are relatively embedded in the product (you need to click the small “i” icon to access these menus) speak to Google’s large global scale.

So far, Google has also announced a number of important moves in advertising space. Ad blocking integrated into Chrome, New arrival Political advertising targeting restrictions, And it announced schedule Stay away from third-party cookies — these After being late..

Google ads to get more transparent by offering access to advertiser’s recent history – TechCrunch Source link Google ads to get more transparent by offering access to advertiser’s recent history – TechCrunch

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