Good Samaritans stop carjacking suspect in Barrio Logan

A man abducted a young woman in Bario Logan on Thursday night, but witnesses jumped in to help stop the man until police arrived and arrested him, authorities said.

The incident started around 7:25 p.m. when the suspect, a 41-year-old, approached the 22-year-old victim outside a secure car park on South 16th Street between Logan and National Avenues, San Diego Police Officer Robert Heims said. .

The suspect started arguing with the victim outside the parking lot and then followed her as soon as he entered, Himes said in a press release. When the victim got in his car, the suspect started arguing with her again as he got into the car and tried to remove it.

As he did so, the suspect reached for the car, grabbed the victim’s phone and then grabbed his keys, breaking the key in the ignition, Himes said. The victim got out of her car and tried to get her phone back, but when she succeeded, the suspect jumped into the car and left.

When he drove to the closed gate of the parking lot, several good Samaritans stopped him until police arrived and arrested him on suspicion of car theft, Himes said. The robbery detectives were investigating the incident.

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Good Samaritans stop carjacking suspect in Barrio Logan Source link Good Samaritans stop carjacking suspect in Barrio Logan

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