Good News for Democracy in Irvine

In January 2021, the mayor of Irvine Farah Khanvice mayor Anthony Kuo, and Council members Tammy Kim and Mike Carroll voted to implement the undemocratic “Rule of Two” where a second Council member (or the mayor) must sign off on an item before it can be placed on the agenda of a Council meeting.

Member of the Council Larry Agran — who was the only member of the Council who voted against Rule of Two — has spent the past 18 months urging his fellow Council members to reverse the unpopular restriction and return to Irvine’s decade-long history of allowing each Council member to bring matters of municipal interest to public discussion.

Over the past couple of years, dozens of residents have spoken out against the restrictive rule during public comment at City Council meetings, saying their voices are being drowned out.

At the June 28 Council meeting, Mayor Hahn introduced a motion to repeal the Rule of Two, which received unanimous support from the Council – taking an important step in restoring our local democracy here in Irvine.

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Good News for Democracy in Irvine Source link Good News for Democracy in Irvine

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