Gonzalez walks off against Eagles to avoid series sweep, 10-9

Jose Gonzalez decided how to end one of the biggest weeks of his life on his own terms.

With two outs and two runners at base at the bottom of the ninth, the junior athlete opened a right-hand lane for a double RBI, helping No. 10 Texas State to a 10-9 victory over Georgia Southern.

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“It’s been cool. He worked hard this week,” said coach Steven Trout. self-confidence and when it catches, it becomes scary for (opponents) “.

After a road trip to College Station that led to an 8-4 loss to Texas A&M on Tuesday, the State of Texas returned to San Marcos by midnight. Gonzalez returned to his Hillside Ranch apartment and went straight to bed, hoping to start the next day with a better leg.

He woke up Wednesday morning and walked out in his black Nissan Altima to go to class. But the parking lot where he had left his car was empty and he did not see his car anywhere else in the batch.

“I was just upset,” Gonzalez said. “I was calling towing companies. I ended up calling the police and they said, “Yes, he’s probably gone. We will look for it. “

Gonzalez said he had no idea how the car was stolen. The young catcher Peyton Lewis acted as his personal driver for the next three days. Gonzalez played in Friday’s game with his car still missing – the Bobcats threw the first game at Georgia South in 11 appearances, 7-4. The Spring native went 1-3 on the plate, scoring the team’s only home game in the fourth inning.

Gonzalez finally got some good news on Saturday morning: police had located Altima.

“(It was) somewhere in Austin,” Gonzalez said. “I think (the police) caught them while they were driving. Like, literally in practice. So it’s very crazy. “I’m just glad they found it.”

Gonzalez recovered his car before the Texas State race at 2:30 a.m. Saturday. It was still one-piece and nothing of it had been stolen – he felt extremely lucky.

The Bobcats lost Saturday’s game in a slugfest, 13-11. Gonzalez won 3-5, passing the seat once.

Then, 1.4 miles from the Bobcat Ballpark back to his apartment, Gonzalez was pulled over. The vehicle was still reported stolen.

“There are like four police cars and like drawn guns and they say, ‘Do it on the ground!’ “Obviously, they do not know who I am.” said Gonzalez. “But it was also crazy. They put cuffs on me and everything. They said, “We just have to make sure.” And it was like, “Okay, but I promise it’s my car.”

Police eventually confirmed that Gonzalez was the owner of the car and sent him home. He returned to the field on Sunday in hopes of helping his team avoid a series of scans against the Eagles.

Both sides exchange blows throughout the game. Gonzalez tied for an RBI single at the bottom of the first inning – one of five runs by Texas State in the frame – but Georgia Southern returned the favor with a five-point lead at the top of the fourth.

The hosts entered the ninth period clinging to a lead of one series, but handed over two streaks to the visitors to stay behind, 9-8. He left the Bobcats needing one score to continue the game and another to win.

Senior center-back Isaiah Ortega-Jones took the lead with a three-pointer that bounced off the center-right fence. Senior short-term Dalton Shuffield followed with a sacrificial fly in the deep center, placing Ortega-Jones and leveling the game.

The first year, first key, Daylan Pena, hit hovering in the next at-bat. Senior right-back John Wuthrich was hit by a pitch and senior third-class key Justin Thompson took a walk, bringing the foul into the scoring position with Gonzalez on deck.

“I certainly was not trying to do too much,” Gonzalez said. “I knew we had a plan against the pitch. And I really just stuck to it and fought, fought, fought. Fortunately, he left one on top of the plate and I was able to reach it. “

In a week full of situations beyond his control, the youngest took full advantage of what he had under his command. Gonzalez zipped the ball to the right of the pitch 2-2, bringing Wuthrich to victory.

Trout was proud of the way Gonzalez handled himself all week.

“I told him we were going to get someone to steal (his car) again so he could hit again,” Trout joked.

Texas State (24-9, 9-3 Sun Belt) had won seven consecutive series before losing two games to Georgia Southern (20-11, 8-4). Following Sunday’s win, the Bobcats will hope to stay well on track when they welcome Baylor (16-15, 2-7 Big 12) on Tuesday at 6pm.

Gonzalez walks off against Eagles to avoid series sweep, 10-9 Source link Gonzalez walks off against Eagles to avoid series sweep, 10-9

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