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That mostly read This week’s story revolved around Battlegrounds Mobile India, a popular battle royale title that has found tens of millions of viewers in India. Gamers woke up to find that the game was suddenly blocked from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store by order of the Indian government. Why? That’s…not entirely clear yet, but Manish has the breakdown of everything we know so far.

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New Gmail for everyone: Use Gmail? Don’t be surprised if things soon look different. The company announced this week that the Material You UI overhaul it is testing will roll out to all users in the coming weeks. Don’t like the new styling? At least for now, you can find a hidden toggle in the settings menu to toggle it back.

Instagram’s bad move(s): As best one can tell, TikTok appears to be eating Instagram’s lunch. Is the answer for Instagram to become more like TikTok? Recent updates — like a focus on full-screen videos and more content from people you don’t follow — have made the Insta interface feel more and more like TikTok… and, well, the complaints have been loud. However, Instagram at least pretends to be listening and says it will be many of the said changes go back. Maybe.

Rivian layoffs: Rumors earlier this month suggested Rivian was at risk of layoffs; In fact, the company confirmed this week that it will lay off around 6% of its workforce as part of a “restructuring plan.”

A dime for your prompts?: OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 can create incredible works of art seemingly out of thin air, but sometimes it takes a little… finesse to get exactly the results you want. This startup wants to “sell strings of words that produce predictable results” on DALL-E 2 and other similar systems. An interesting story made all the better by its oh-so-Seussian opening image, which I realize is of a real human (and a lovely person included).

Meta Shutters Tuned: Did you know that Meta has a social app for couples? Probably not! It’s called Tuned and was part of Meta’s New Product Experimentation effort, and it seems that particular experiment is over. Meta announced this week that Tuned will be gone on September 19th. The app was designed to help couples communicate and create “a shared scrapbook” of photos/videos/etc. to create. It doesn’t help that it was launched right at the start of the pandemic, when many couples probably didn’t have trouble staying in touch because they were probably not going anywhere anyway.

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Is it ever a good thing to lower your company’s internal rating? Natascha and Anita addressed this question on Wednesday consequence of equity. In the meantime, on chain reactionLucas and Anita were chatting about Minecraft and saying “No fuck thanks” to NFTs, and Lauren jumped up The TechCrunch Podcast to enlighten us as to why (as we learned last week) Netflix customers are bleeding.

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3 calls for Amazon to acquire One Medical: Love it or hate it, Amazon is buying One Medical. Good thing? Bad thing? Alex Wilhelm, Walter Thompson and Miranda Halpern contribute their perspectives.

8 fintech VCs how to set them up: What are fintech investors looking for right now? Mary Ann Azevedo looked at eight of the space’s top investors.

Could the CHIPS Act spark another US startup renaissance?: The US Senate clear wants more semiconductors to be made in the US – but making chips is insanely expensive. Is this “potential cash injection” a chance for new startups to change their modus operandi? As Haje puts it, “Those weird theories you studied as part of your PhD? Now it’s time to dust them off.”

Gmail gets a new look, Instagram trips while trying to be TikTok and India blocks Battleground Mobile – TechCrunch Source link Gmail gets a new look, Instagram trips while trying to be TikTok and India blocks Battleground Mobile – TechCrunch

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