Glossier Bronzer Has Arrived—And We Tried It

I’m not a heavy bronzer user, but when I try to use it for engraving, brown spots often remain everywhere. So, after all, Glossier named it to create a natural-looking makeup that was easy to apply, so I was curious if Solar Paint could change my mind. I chose shade heat. This is a deep cinnamon with a slight sparkle. Tap the bronzer with a doughfoot applicator (game changer) along the cheekbones, forehead, and chin lines, and then gently tap. Probably completed in 10 seconds. And to my surprise, I didn’t look like a junior high school art project. My cheeks became radial and my forehead suddenly became a soft tan. The formula provides buildable coverage, but it dries quickly, so you need to make sure you blend quickly for the most seamless finish.

Vera Cacciatore, cosmetologist

Bella is wearing a shade ray.

I’ve wanted Glossier to create a bronzer version of the CloudPaint formula for years, and I’m very happy they did. Solar Paint has the same fluffy gel texture as her blush. It’s somehow creamy and weightless and doesn’t add extra texture to my skin. The bronze is different from the Dorfoot applicator, which is a welcome addition for targeted bronze, and some sparkles. The glitter scared me when I saw it in my hands, but I really love what it looks like on my face. You can comfortably use the brightest shades of flare or ray you’re wearing in this photo for something a little deeper. Thankfully, it withstands the hype in my head, and I’ll use it throughout the summer and beyond.

Janae Mckenzie, editorial intern

Janae wearing a shade bolt.

I tested solar paint with bolts. Bronzer cream is easy to apply with your fingers, so you can use it on the go. Bolt is the deepest shade available in “Deep Red Bronze with Copper Pearls for Deep Skin Tones”. If I stick to the recommended few dots of the product, it blends really well into my skin. This was a welcome change in terms of texture, as I’m used to powder bronzer. As for how it appeared on my skin, it looked like a concealer with just a little shine, not like a bronzer.I was I was disappointed that it didn’t change much until I stepped into the sun. At that time, I noticed the brilliance. So: This bronzer is great on a beach day or whenever you’re out for a while. Maybe not very suitable for office days or places with harsh artificial lighting.

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Glossier Bronzer Has Arrived—And We Tried It Source link Glossier Bronzer Has Arrived—And We Tried It

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