Gloria Defends Bolstered Homeless Enforcement

Mayor Todd Gloria on Monday defended the city has stepped up efforts to seize homeless camps downtown which has been growing for months.

Monday’s press conference was the latest marker of a major change for the Democrat who as mayoral candidate criticized Kevin Faulconer’s predecessor. homeless police and he promised to watch over the city would stop “criminalizing the existence of the poorest and sickest residents of San Diego. ”

On Monday, as NBC 7 San Diego reportedGloria has vowed to continue using the so-called progressive enforcement model to provide shelter to homeless residents before writing tickets or making arrests for homelessness-related offenses.

“Camping on the sidewalk shouldn’t be an option when alternatives exist because people living on the streets and sidewalks are not without impact on neighborhoods where this happens,” Gloria said. “And those impacts are growing and more severe and consequential than ever.”

Gloria’s approach do not go well with the defenders that increased reinforcement and cleanup of homeless camps are preventing – rather than helping – efforts to relocate homeless residents from the streets. Most homeless service experts also say that increasing enforcement does not reduce homelessness.

During last week’s operation, police reportedly made more than 200 contacts and arrested three people anpyete, essentially blocking a sidewalk. Four people were said to have accepted shelter.

Homeless residents often share several reasons for not accepting, such as concerns that they might be separated from their partners and street support systems, or should comfortable in packed shelters.

There are also many more homeless residents than there are open shelter beds. The last homeless census counted 2,494 homeless residents, an estimate is considered likely an undercount. In comparison, the city now has less than 1,500 shelter beds and it is reported that more than 90 percent of them are usually complete.

Gloria said the city plans to soon increase its offerings and urged homeless residents to take their city’s offerings to shelters after lamenting camps built in some areas on sidewalks on both sides of the street.

Gloria Defends Bolstered Homeless Enforcement Source link Gloria Defends Bolstered Homeless Enforcement

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