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Starting on May 14 and running until August 28, these two-day festivals will include selected experiences reflecting each community, including interactive workshops, live music and performances, a craft market, food trucks, gifts, photo booths and more. Getty will be present with an immersive digital experience of its collections, a hands-on library, a gift shop and work resources, volunteers and Getty internship opportunities. Festival materials will be available in many languages.

In collaboration with community partners, public ticketless festivals will be held in ten neighborhoods, including Crenshaw, Inglewood, Coretown, Lincoln Heights / East Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pacoima, Reseda, San Gabriel Valley, Watts and Wilmington. Community Arts Resources (CARS) from Los Angeles serves as a production partner for the festivals.

“To say thank you to Los Angeles for 25 years of support, we want to celebrate the joy of art throughout Los Angeles by meeting people where they live,” said Lisa Lapin, Getty’s vice president of communications. “We are lucky to be able to work with cultural organizations that are already working hard in these neighborhoods. Together, we create lasting community partnerships, revitalize neighborhoods and provide fun weekends for people of all ages.

More than a dozen non-profit neighborhoods and cultural organizations are involved in organizing public festivals celebrating the art, artists and culture of each community.

“We have inherited from a successful collaboration with Getty, from years of participation in the Getty Marrow internship program to creative projects such as the upcoming Plaza de la Raza festival in Lincoln Heights,” said Thomas Benitez, director of development at Plaza de la Raza. “This partnership is largely due to the respect and reciprocity between the partners and has led to lasting benefits for our students, artists, families and the community, which will resonate for years to come.”

“Getty 25 is a powerful opportunity to celebrate Watts’ rich culture and history and connect across Los Angeles,” said Tina Watkins-Quay, general manager of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC). “Here at WLCAC, we hope this will drive community growth and investment in a way that benefits the people of Watts.”

To help navigate and build strong relationships with stakeholders and residents of the ten festival locations, Getty is proud to partner with Community Arts Resources, an organization with unparalleled experience in organizing a wide range of social and cultural events in Los Angeles County and outside of it. One of the main principles of CARS is to integrate culture into the built and social fabric of the urban environment as a means of creative economic development and enrichment of the community.

“We are excited to work with Getty and our amazing community partners on these unprecedented celebrations in ten communities,” said CARS co-founders, CEO Katie Bergin and President Aaron Paley. “These events bring together the richness and diversity of LA’s neighborhoods and make public spaces accessible to all, which is a hallmark of the work CARS has created over the past four decades.”

Festival districts and community partners include:

  • May 14-15 — Inglewood, Los Angeles Youth Orchestra (YOLA)
  • May 21-22 – Lincoln Heights / East Los Angeles, Plaza de la Raza
  • June 4-5 – Long Beach, Long Beach Creative Coalition: Studio One Eleven, Intertrend, Creative Class Collective
  • June 11-12 – Coretown, Korean Quarter Youth and Chitalishte Center (KYCC)
  • June 25-26 – Pacoima, Pacoima Beautiful
  • July 9-10 — Reseda, 11:11 Projects
  • July 16-17 – San Gabriel Valley, day one
  • July 30-31 – Wilmington, Avalon Alliance for Arts and Culture
  • August 13-14 – Crenshaw, Crenshaw destination

August 27-28 — Watts, Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC)

“The partnership with Getty for its 25-year festivals is a great opportunity for 11:11 projects to strengthen Reseda’s access to the arts,” said Adi Gonzalez Renteria, co-founder and director of 11:11 Projects. “The main value that drives our work is the belief that absolutely everyone deserves to explore their creativity and have access to high quality arts and cultural programs. Involvement in this celebration helps to build direct lines of cooperation and support between Getty and the communities that 11:11 Projects serves. “

The venues of the public festivals will be announced in the coming weeks. The festivals will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Festivals will follow all city and county guidelines for COVID-19 for outdoor events that are subject to change.

Getty Trust to Host Free Community Festivals – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Getty Trust to Host Free Community Festivals – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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