Get a front row seat to Taylor Swift, or buy this one instead

don’t buy this. buy it instead.

Taylor Swift fans around the world paid millions for tickets to the singer’s Ellas tour, assuming they could log into Ticketmaster.

If you couldn’t buy tickets for Swift’s tour but still have money, you can buy them instead of front row seats so you can see the anti-hero singer.

Arizona Iced Tea Palate

according to vivid sheet, A front row seat to one of Swift’s Los Angeles shows at SoFi Stadium can cost as much as $11,000 after fees. Instead of spending that money (on yourself) on a night of fun, you can refresh yourself with 11,000 cans of Arizona iced tea.

A beverage company made a similar comparison twitter After many fans expressed their dissatisfaction, Online ticket pre-sale on tuesday.

Family trip to Walt Disney World

A family of four could enjoy a 6-night, 7-day vacation to Walt Disney World for money that would have been spent on a front row seat to Taylor Swift.

according to the theme park websitea family can stay at one of Disney’s hotels and visit all four theme parks for about $9,000, excluding meals and transportation.

With the extra money, you can buy multiple pairs of Minnie ears or reserve seats at the evening show.

Romantic trip to Rome

For the price of one Taylor Swift ticket, two people can enjoy a 4-day, 3-night trip to Rome in early December, including airfare and hotel.according to Expediaexcluding meals, ground transportation, and other purchases, the trip costs $2,602.47 per person.

Load up the fridge (over and over again)

The average annual cost of groceries per person in California is $3,630, according to the WHO. Sophie, personal finance companies. Instead of buying two Taylor Swift front row seats, he could feed a family of four for a year and still have money left over to eat out.

sock it away

Instead of splurging on a Taylor Swift concert, you can cover monthly expenses, pay off outstanding debt, or invest money in a retirement account like a 401(k) or Roth IRA. If invested wisely, her $11,000 could go toward her children’s college education.

holiday shopping

With the holidays approaching, you can spend the extra money on gifts for friends and family, or on holiday decorations. they appreciate it. Get a front row seat to Taylor Swift, or buy this one instead

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