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Berlin-German politician said Angela Merkel, chief of staff, said that if COVID-19 infections reach new heights in the coming months, restrictions on unvaccinated people may be needed. Deeply split on Sunday over the warning by.

Chief of Staff Helge Brown told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag that he did not expect a renewed coronavirus-related blockade in Germany. But Mr Brown said unvaccinated people could be barred from entering venues such as restaurants, cinemas and sports stadiums “because of the high risk of residue.”

“Vaccinated people are definitely more flexible than unvaccinated people,” Brown said, saying that vaccination is important to protect yourself from serious illness. rice field. He said such policies are legal because “the state is responsible for protecting the health of its citizens.”

His comments fueled a debate in German politics about potential vaccination requirements. This issue has proven to be split, even within Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Party. A candidate to replace Merkel as German leader Armin Laschet said he would oppose formal or informal vaccine requirements for the foreseeable future.


Pandemic Details:

— Europe’s summer tourism outlook is dim due to variations and rules

— Two COVID-19 patients died after a power outage at Jordan Hospital

— Spaniards rely on the COVID-19 vaccine despite the proliferation of new cases

— French President Emmanuel Macron accuses public unity and vaccination to fight the virus and criticizes vaccination protests


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What else is happening:

Daily COVID-19 infections in Istanbul — Turkey are on the rise, reaching 14,230 new cases in the last 24 hours.

According to Ministry of Health statistics, the 7-day average was 10,269, a significant increase from the previous week’s average of 6,880.

Almost all restrictions were lifted in July, and after a nine-day vacation, the Turks flocked to a seaside town where masking and distance rules were widely ignored and returned to the city. The COVID-19 density map of the government contact tracking app marks almost all of the city center of Antalya, a popular tourist destination, in red, meaning that the risk of COVID-19 is high.

Fifty-five new deaths were recorded on Sunday, with reported deaths reaching 50,934.


Washington — Dr. Anthony Fauci considers revisions to the COVID-19 guidelines to encourage the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to wear masks in public, even for fully vaccinated individuals. It states that there is.

Forch, the government’s chief infectious disease officer, told CNN’s “State of the Union” television show that he was participating in a conversation about changing the guidelines.

He said he has already urged individuals to wear masks in public, regardless of vaccination status, in some areas where infection rates are skyrocketing. Forch said the rules in these areas are consistent with the CDC’s recommendation that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in public.


Tokyo — Golfers Bryson DeChambeau and Jon Rahm, known for their towering drives, will not go to the Olympic teabox.

The last two US Open champions have become the most famous athletes to drop out of the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday after a positive COVID-19 test.

DeChambeau’s positive attitude happened before he left the United States for Tokyo. The muscular American, famous for his game-changing swing speed, will be replaced by Patrick Reed.

“I’m very disappointed that I can’t compete in the Team USA Olympics,” DeChambeau said. “Representing my country means the world to me, and it is a great honor to form this team.”

Ram was flagged for COVID-19 for the first time in two months. He took a six-shot lead at the Memorial in early June and was forced to withdraw due to a positive test. The Spaniards said they had received the final vaccination within 14 days of the positive test.

Both players have recently become their first major champions. DeChambeau won the US Open in 2020 at Wingedfoot last fall, and Ram won this year’s title at Torrey Pines in June, two weeks after a positive test at Muirfield Village.

Dozens of Olympic athletes tested positive before or after their arrival in Tokyo.


Papeete, French Polynesia-French President Emmanuel Macron has sought national unity and vaccination to fight the resurrected virus, and has blamed those who fueled emotions and protests against vaccination.

Approximately 160,000 people protested a special COVID-19 pass for restaurants and forced immunization of health care workers across France on Saturday. Many marchers shouted “freedom.” And the government said they shouldn’t be taught what to do.

Macron visited a hospital in French Polynesia on Saturday night during Tahiti time. He asked, “What is your freedom worth if you tell me you don’t want to be vaccinated?” But tomorrow you will ask your father, mother, or me. Will you be infected?

He said the protesters were “free to express themselves calmly and with respect.” However, Macron said the demonstration would not eliminate the coronavirus.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Malaysia reports a record high of 17,045 infectious diseases daily.

As a result, the total number of confirmed cases in the country exceeds 1 million. Malaysia’s daily cases exceeded 10,000 on July 13, and remain there despite the national blockade.

The Ministry of Health said on Sunday that the total number of infections has now reached 1,013,438. This represents a 77% increase since the blockade began on June 1.

Selangor, the country’s richest and most populous state, and neighboring Kuala Lumpur accounted for the majority of the infection.

The total death toll in the country has also increased to about 8,000. Critics have accused Muhyiddin Yassin’s government of a half-hearted blockade that failed to curb inconsistent policies and pandemics.


Berlin-German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that restrictions on unvaccinated people may be needed if the number of cases reaches new heights in the coming months.

However, Helge Braun said in an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag that he expects no more coronavirus-related blockades in Germany.

Unvaccinated people may be banned from access to venues such as restaurants, cinemas and stadiums “because of too high a residual risk,” Brown said.

“Vaccinated people are definitely more flexible than unvaccinated people,” Brown said, saying that vaccination is important to protect yourself from serious illness. rice field.

Brown said such a policy was legal because “the state is responsible for protecting the health of its citizens.”

Germany’s vaccination efforts have been slow in recent weeks, leading to discussions on how to encourage those who have not yet received the vaccine to do so. Over 60% of the German population has been vaccinated at least once and over 49% have been fully vaccinated.


Amman, Jordan-Jordan Health Minister said two coronavirus patients died in Amman’s hospital after a short-circuit power outage in the facility’s intensive care unit.

Health Minister Philas al-Hawalli told state media that two people had been confirmed dead in the hospital.

Investigators worked to determine the cause and whether the power outage was the cause of the death. Former Health Minister Nathir Obeidat resigned earlier this year after several COVID-19 patients died in a public hospital in Salt when the oxygen supply was cut off.


London — The turmoil and turmoil over travel rules and measures to contain the outbreak of fresh viruses has contributed to another cruel summer for Europe’s devastated tourism industry.

Popular destination countries are working on the proliferation of COVID-19 variants.

However, the last-minute nature of patchwork and effort at the beginning of the peak season can derail another summer.

Visitors to French cultural and tourist destinations faced new requirements for a special COVID-19 pass this week.

Italy states that a similar pass is required to access museums and cinemas and to dine at restaurants and cafes.


Beijing — China reported 32 newly confirmed coronavirus infections.

Among them are 27 cases that are believed to have been acquired overseas. No deaths have been reported.

The National Health Commission reported that six cases, allegedly from abroad, occurred in Yunnan Province, on the border with Myanmar in southwestern China. Five were adjacent to Hong Kong in Guangdong Province. And four each were in Shanghai and Fujian in the southeast.

All counties in Yunnan near the Myanmar border will be tested for the virus on Monday and Tuesday following a surge in infection. China has strengthened border control.

The death toll in China is 4,636 out of 92,529 confirmed cases.


Barcelona, ​​Spain — Spain is working to eradicate the wave of COVID-19 infections and relies on widespread public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine.

Spain was initially like a companion to EU member states. The country got off to a slow start in managing shots compared to the United Kingdom and the United States.

However, Spain quickly solidified as vaccine deliveries began to flow to meet demand. Over 24 million Spaniards are fully vaccinated. This represents 53% of the adult population.

Amós García, President of the Spanish Vaccine Society, told The Associated Press: “Our experts have always strongly believed in the benefits of vaccines. We have always strongly encouraged children to be vaccinated from an early age.”

He said the general non-COVID-19 vaccination rate for Spanish children is over 95%.

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