Gatwick to cancel hundreds of flights over staff shortages

UK airlines will have to cancel one hundred flights this summer after London Gatwick Airport announced plans to limit its operations due to a continuing shortage of manpower harassing the transport sector.

The UK’s second busiest airport announced on Friday that it would cut the number of flights airlines could run to 825 on July and 850 in August, down from 900 that Gatwick planned to operate on peak days in August.

“Airlines will have to cut back on their schedules to some extent,” said Stuart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick.

According to him, the decision stems from a shortage of staff at airlines and in particular ground caretakers, who have been subcontracted through third-party companies to perform tasks from check-in to baggage handling.

Wingate said the decision would allow airlines and passengers to plan ahead and cancel last-minute cancellations. “Everyone gets more certainty. They can at least be sure in July and August that the flights will operate,” Wingate said.

EasyJet, Gatwick’s largest airline, will inevitably suffer from the most disruptions, but said it supports operations and “is expected to be able to re-accommodate most customers.”

Gatwick’s decision to reduce its operations represented further evidence that the aviation industry will not be able to carry as many passengers as promised this summer, following a widespread shortage of manpower throughout the industry’s supply chain.

The move came after ministers told airports and airlines to catch the cancellations at short notice that hit thousands of flights this year, and pre-empt flights from their schedules instead of hurting passengers with day-to-day changes.

The Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority wrote to industry leaders This week Tell them “more needs to be done” to protect air passengers during the summer peak from the disruption at short notice seen in recent weeks.

About 13 departures out of a daily average of 400 were canceled at the height of the disruption at Gatwick earlier this month, a period that “checked” airport resources, Wingate said.

Several other companies have already reduced their aircraft for the summer, most notably British Airways which has made the decision to cut 10% of its flight schedules by October, to try to instill resilience in its stuttering operations.

EasyJet and Tui also reduced some flights, while Amsterdam Schiphol Airport announced on Thursday a similar plan to limit its capacity this coming summer.

Gatwick to cancel hundreds of flights over staff shortages Source link Gatwick to cancel hundreds of flights over staff shortages

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