Gates Foundation pledges additional $250mn for COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines

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Global commitment to COVID-19 compliance is currently $ 1.75 billion

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it will invest an additional $ 250 million to support the research, development and fair delivery of life-saving tools in its global commitment to COVID-19. To commemorate the end of the year, focusing on the scientific progress needed to end the pandemic, the Foundation will make these innovations available to everyone in need of these innovations worldwide in 2021. I’m looking for an initiative.

“Everyone, everywhere, deserves the benefits of science developed in 2020,” said Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Gates Foundation. “We are confident that the world will improve in 2021, but whether it will improve for everyone is tested by the actions of world leaders and those who need them, wherever they are. It depends on their commitment to providing treatment and vaccines. Are they alive and how much money they have? “

Today’s commitment is the Foundation’s largest single contribution to the COVID-19 response to date, based on the partnerships and expertise established over the last two decades. This funding supports ongoing innovation to develop tests, treatments, and vaccines that are easier to scale and deliver to ensure that there are many options that are cheaper and can be used in different settings. I will. Today’s efforts also support the provision of new COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

The release notes state that getting these innovations where they are needed requires the same level of planning, urgency, and collaboration needed to develop them. Manufacturing tests, therapeutic doses, and vaccines are needed quickly and safely. Make sure you have enough money to buy and distribute them. Logistic infrastructure and supply chain organization. Clinics and healthcare professionals prepare to manage them. Share accurate information with the community to help people understand and trust what they are receiving.

According to the release, some of this latest funding will enable countries to plan and implement vaccine deployments using state-of-the-art technology and delivery systems. We also support efforts to engage the community in the process of building trust and improving communication about new COVID-19 interventions.

“Thanks to the ingenuity of the global scientific community, we have achieved the exciting medical advances needed to end the pandemic,” said Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Gates Foundation. I will. “We have more new drugs and potential vaccines than we expected earlier this year, but these innovations will only save lives if they go out into the world.”

The Gavi, Vaccine Alliance, and Global Fund have worked with governments to provide vaccines, tests, and as the world prepares to embark on global logistics challenges of unparalleled scale and complexity. You can leverage the expertise of global organizations such as. 20 years of treatment for infectious diseases in people in low-income countries. “Fortunately, reaching out to people with life-saving tools means the world knows how to do it,” Melinda Gates said.

“The next step in fighting this pandemic is much more expensive than the initial development of a safe and effective vaccine. Our efforts today are only part of what we need, and philanthropy is the most. We will focus on areas where we can add value, “said Mark Suzuman, CEO of the Gates Foundation. “All institutions with a role to play must now be generous. Multilateral organizations, national governments, businesses, philanthropy — we all reach as many people as possible with tests, drugs and vaccines. You have to invest to make it so. “

With this latest announcement, the Foundation’s total commitment to global COVID-19 compliance is $ 1.75 billion. It comes from three sources, including new funding commitments that exceed the Foundation’s planned annual program budget. Risky financing from the Foundation’s strategic investment funds. Part of the funding from the Foundation program where the recipient identified urgent needs or had their own expertise to mitigate the effects of a pandemic.

Gates Foundation pledges additional $250mn for COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines Source link Gates Foundation pledges additional $250mn for COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines

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