Gaslamp restaurants ready for crowds of convention attendees

San Diego — Thursday, visitors and locals filled the Gaslamp Quarter. Some enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal that they didn’t cook while the crowd began arriving for a special edition of the comic book.

Some companies like Graystone Steakhouse are accustomed to being ready to serve 365 days a year. This has recently changed its tradition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there have been many changes over the past year, the restrictions have been significantly lifted and eating out has become more comfortable.

The restaurant’s marketing director, Sarah Argymand, said the Thanksgiving vacation plan began in September to ensure that she had all the ingredients she needed.

“We are open every holiday,” Arjmand said. “We have closed so far only because of a pandemic.”

In a similar story on Thursday’s Saltwater, manager Giovanni Gargano said he was doing his best and doing everything he could in the face of national staff and food shortages.

Something that can make downtown business holidays sweeter is the Comic-Con revival for the first time since 2019. This event, called the Comic-Con Special Edition, begins on Friday for a three-day stay at the San Diego Convention Center.

According to the event organizers, the slimmed-down version of Comic-Con was driven by the desire to get together with fans as the last two versions of the event were kept online exclusively by the pandemic. It is about.

“We really rely on the convention center, and not many because in the last two years everything was canceled due to COVID.”

This year’s special event is expected to have fewer attendees than past face-to-face events, but Saltwater and others are working to tap the weekend special menu to have a fun experience.

To participate in the Comic-Con, you must have a negative vaccination certificate or COVID-19 test. Everyone is required to wear a mask indoors during the event, regardless of vaccination status.

Gaslamp restaurants ready for crowds of convention attendees Source link Gaslamp restaurants ready for crowds of convention attendees

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