Gary Horton | Crime, Homelessness Require Bold Change

Two weeks ago, I promised to direct my column to the five or six most universally pressing issues of our time across California and the United States.

Crime on COVID-19 and after COVID has increased dramatically. Killings-gang kills, drug random kills, passion kills-are all increasing everywhere. Property crime is exploding. Violent crimes such as carjacking and robbery are also on the rise.

What exactly is going on?

There are really three direct answers:

Widespread contempt for the rule of law and even an understanding of what it means to be a citizen / resident of the United States.

All forms of income inequality and intensifying poverty after COVID are further driving homelessness, despair and narcotics.

A tragically unjustified legal system that meets different relative punishments for different incomes and colors and promotes rather than corrects poverty.

These three points can and should fill the book. Instead, let’s fix the world in a few paragraphs and see how crazy the progressive Social Democratic Party can be.

California has one of the largest immigrant populations in the United States in terms of population. From H-1 visas to legal immigrants to Latin Americans who illegally enter and work in our state. Regardless, there are millions of residents who have not learned American citizenship and norms of conduct. Add to this the spoiled and privileged current generation of residents who have missed both strong civil training and public services at school. In all cases, these people haven’t learned the “rules of the game” and have few “skins of the game”.

They are not vested in the conceptual “public good”.

Look at the trash on our highway. Graffiti of the entire public structure. Lack of citizenship often encounters each other. Management and handling of public property. And crime. Increasingly encountered crimes by slapping the wrist.

Baseline solution: Immigration and education policies need to be modified and amended. Then there are those who need it here, those who are stuck here, or the young people who are raising here now. , Everyone is trained in proper citizenship and the rule of law.

We need a viable, documentable and traceable route for all migrants who are already here. And some of them must include mandatory civic education. And, as part of the price paid to live here, the period of mandatory public service for services that are highly needed. From elderly care to park maintenance, highway garbage picking, teacher assistance … California has a lot to do. Many immigrant candidates are willing to trade in the safety of their homes here.

Same as above for our current children. Everyone in the game needs civilian training and skin. That’s how you train citizenship and good behavior. The immigration problem cannot be stopped. And we can’t expect a junior to be a model citizen unless we make a mold and teach him or her to do so. And who knows, we may teach trade and skills in the process …

It’s pretty radical

Our “Injustice Legal System”: You are speeding up at 126. You are being pulled by doing 80. The fine is $ 550. It hurts, but I don’t have time to go to transportation school from my career or family, so I chew and pay. Let’s say you’re stupid and put in jail and need $ 10,000 on bail. I can’t believe you did this, but you find a way, pay $ 10,000 bail, and you (almost) return to normal life. And with the right (expensive) legal representative, you can unhook it without much damage.

You and I can buy a way out of small to medium legal and criminal hits. But taking these two simple examples and using payday loans, they overlay 40% of the poor, whose names are less than $ 500 and often nothing. They don’t have $ 550 for a fine. They are corrupt and awaiting a hearing or resolution because they cannot bail. In this case, the current weight of punishment feels much greater for the poor than for the middle class and the rich. Relatively, these small fines are huge for them. And dealing with them can cost you work, lose your apartment or home, and even cause the homeless.

A simple solution to a traffic violation is to pay all penalties for everyone during public service hours. There is no fine. In case of traffic violations, you can also clean the highways and streets on weekends. Perhaps clean graffiti from the highway wall. The important thing is that time is important to all of us. And for all of us, one day is one day and the penalty is the same. Do you want to see people slow down? Paying for traffic violations during all service hours and at night will slow down and respect the law.

The same is true for crime and bail. The rich buy while the poor are stuck. Eliminate all bail and let a skilled judge decide who is the real crime or the risk of flying to the public. Crime risk and flight risk remain. Other non-threatening defendants will be released until the end of the trial. See how well everyone behaves when faced with the real risk of sitting around a prison for weeks, given the same rules that determine how long everyone waits for a trial.

Give justice equally, and even to everyone – and take money from crime and punishment.

Yell at the words of a crazy man?

California needs to find its guts and unite this work with respect to the deterioration of the lives of all involved, the homeless, and those who are having a negative impact on them. You need to force the sidewalks for walking, the streets for driving, the parks for recreation, and the homeless not to be “public camps”. We must not tolerate the homeless. That’s bad for everyone. The homeless themselves are creating crimes that increase over generations. How can I tolerate it?

Rather, we must humanely and quickly build facilities for all homeless people to accept. It’s not a tent city, it’s not a hut. A facility for residential life complete with counseling, medical care, vocational training, etc. Prompt support for those in need and long-term support for others. For people suffering from addiction and mental illness, we must build hospitals, treatment centers and, if necessary, permanent shelters. And it’s okay if these facilities are far from the old tent city. Anyway, many were temporary.

Change the law and get the backbone. Allowing the homeless to suffer exacerbates all our problems for everyone. And I hear we have money – California is flooded with a $ 100 billion surplus. No committee or “blue ribbon” is required. We need a leader who can lead and act on this. We know what we have to do.

These are big issues to tackle and I suggest big actions. You may or may not agree, but it is one of the things that we all are likely to fully agree with. Our time is a time of bold action by politicians who have the courage, determination and affection for nations, nations and the rule of law.

Gary Houghton’s “Full Speed ​​to the Port!” Has been featured in The Signal since 2006. The opinions expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Signal or its editorial board.

Gary Horton | Crime, Homelessness Require Bold Change Source link Gary Horton | Crime, Homelessness Require Bold Change

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