Garcetti reportedly being considered for India ambassador

The name of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has resurfaced for five months as a candidate for President Biden’s administration. After saying he turned down the federal post.

Garsetti is one of the candidates considering the position of US Ambassador to India, a political news site. Axios reported on Tuesday.

December, The mayor said He declined unspecified work under the Biden administration and stayed in Los Angeles to lead a pandemic relief effort. However, Garsetti has not publicly ruled out his resignation before the end of the second term in December 2022.

His spokesman Alex Comisar called the Axios report “speculative.”

“We are not going to engage in speculation. We are 100% focused on ending the COVID pandemic and passing the city’s judicial budget,” Comisar said on Tuesday.

Comisar declined to comment when asked if Garsetti was being scrutinized by Biden’s team.

The mayor was an early supporter of Biden in the presidential election and co-chaired his campaign committee.

Garsetti’s departure triggered a series of political events in Los Angeles.

Under the city charter, the city council has the power to choose someone to fill the rest of the mayor’s unfinished term. It is not clear who it is.

Two elected officials — City Atty. Mike Fur and Councilor Joe Buskaino — Already running for Garsetti’s seat in the June 2022 primary, but some others may jump in.

The possibility of Garsetti’s nomination for Biden’s post last year triggered daily protests outside his home by members such as Black Lives Matter. Activists are critical of the mayor about the handling of shootings by unarmed black male police and oversight of the city’s budget.

Melina Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, said her first reaction to the news was “good.”

Mr Abdullah said the group opposed Garsetti’s acquisition of a position of national influence over policy, but “the ambassador does not intend to set policy.”

“But we think what he’s trying to build is a diplomatic experience to make himself more qualified in running for senior officials,” Abdullah said. .. “And we try to stop him at any office he runs for places where he will influence policy.”

Garsetti has been praised for promoting mask wear and leading the city’s COVID-19 vaccination and coronavirus testing efforts. However, he faces criticism from restaurant owners and others to support the closure of some businesses.

As the number of cases of COVID-19 declines and businesses reopen, city leaders continue to tackle the growing homeless crisis. The city faces potentially drastic action by federal judges regarding the treatment of the homeless. At the same time, shootings increased by almost 67% and homicides increased by more than 26% over the same period last year.

Garsetti is also facing accusations by a former bodyguard, Person claiming in proceedings He was sexually harassed by the mayor’s former adviser, who witnessed the action but did nothing to stop it.

Garsetti Deny sightings Inappropriate behavior.

Times staff writers David Zahniser and Emily Alpert Reyes contributed to this report.

Garcetti reportedly being considered for India ambassador Source link Garcetti reportedly being considered for India ambassador

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