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The only thing FT Alphaville gets more press releases about than crypto is ESG. It’s not even close. ESG is without a doubt the biggest prey of our never-ending quest to reach Inbox-0.

Other people do have more substantial complaints about the hottest asset management thing since the Dutch trader Abraham von Katich Decided to set up an investment pool. Elon Musk, for example, thinks that ESG is “fraud“.

FTAV is not quite there yet, but it has some sympathy with Difficult situation That Deutsche Bank’s DWS found itself at the forefront of ESG. And there are signs of a counter-brewing reaction, both outside The investment industry and inside, as demonstrated by Careful support That Stuart Kirk of HSBC received after his ostentatious heresy.

This is not unexpected. There is hardly an issue where the high public rhetoric in Plutiny is more contrary to private claims than the ESG. Even some typical financiers who passionately believe in the need for draconian action in climate change and social cohesion will quietly admit that the hype surrounding ESG is excessive. But no one thinks things will change, so we are left with situations like ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco Present their existing certificates.

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