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Soon, in fact, just two days from today, the Monterey County Dance Foundation will be performing the Monterey County Dance Theater’s 62nd Anniversary “The Nutcracker Ballet” at the Robert Stanton Theater. I’ve never seen the MCDT presentation of The Nutcracker, so it’s a hospitality for me. I never have. Well, that may seem a strange statement to those who know my past with that troupe, but I assure you that it is true. There is no fake news here.

For those who are unaware of their contact with MCDT, here is a brief summary. I first set foot in the auditorium (must be allowed to use that designation in the theater, but that’s my most comfortable term. Old) Seeing activities about the building, the spring show “Peter Pan” was open in a week when it turned out to be the day of the move-in.

(For those unfamiliar with theater jargon, the last week before the show is known as “Hell Week”. If you’ve ever experienced it, why is it so named? You know if there is one.)

Behind the scenes was so lively and crowded that I went outside and found a volunteer making stage set pieces, teepees, so I rented a room, collected paint supplies, and painted the right design. bottom. Tipi. I didn’t have the money to attend the show, but I went back after Sunday Matinee and helped unload the equipment I used to fly the dancers. In doing so, I met Johnny Pickett from the famous Flying by Foy company. At that time, I hardly knew that Mr. Pickett and I would meet again.

A few months later, Jan Harkness called me to ride the behind-the-scenes crew of the annual Nutcracker Ballet, and as a longtime theater mouse, I was in that position right away, whatever it was. Was accepted. It wasn’t the first time I worked with Yang in 1970. I was a senior when Yann Hall was the dance captain of a production called “Ziegfeld Follies” in 1970. She had some chops.

It was a great experience to see a large cast of young dancers supported by older dancers, and ballet was a whole new world for non-dancers like me. However, behind-the-scenes missions couldn’t see the work as the audience was seeing, so they couldn’t get a complete picture of the story or see the entire dance sequence. But I started to enjoy a group of talented and dedicated dancers and all the family and friends who supported the troupe.

I think I was busy working on the Stage Hands show when it was time for the next spring production of the dance theater, but I was called again in January at the end of the summer of 2016, but this time She will play the role of Herr Drosselmeyer in the production of the “Nutcracker” scheduled for 2016, which she wanted me to do. Wow. Yeah good. At the time, I hardly knew that I would play that wonderful character, William Shakespeare, Will Rogers, and the 100-year-old Chinese emperor in the troupe’s spring work, the first of four.

Adds to serve as the moderator of visual production, which is the result of Covid’s blockade. This makes me work 10 times with MCDT and it’s a great memory each time. And I can honestly testify that I can be quite attached to the troupe. Many of the people I see literally grow up from young dancers to the time they leave the troupe.

However, it’s time for all the actors to know when to get off the stage, so after Herr Drosselmeyer got off the stage at the 60th Annual Gala Productions in 2019, the eyepatch finally came off. Yes, I flew. Like Clara, I met Johnny Pickett again. It was the penultimate exit with the “Nutcracker” cast.

But I’m no longer acting, even if I’m not dressed (or with makeup to cover the devastation of the times that appears on this rugged face), “The Nutcracker Ballet It will appear in front of the audience in the 62nd anniversary work. Well, it had to happen someday). This is a great honor to me, but I must admit that it’s a bit bittersweet as I miss working on stage with this great choreographer and talented dance woman. We were together.

So go back to the original statement: I’ve never seen the complete “Nutcracker Ballet” as performed by MCDT. Well, that’s going to change this weekend as I sit in the audience and witness this amazing piece, which Pauline Hall started in 1959 and has been doing for over 60 years now. I have experienced what thousands of audiences have experienced in the last few years and I am ready for that experience.

What I’m not fully prepared for is a short reunion on Friday night, just before the show, to go back behind the scenes and prepare to speak a short introduction. For the first time since 2019, I’ve seen a group in a theater they call their hometown. You can see all those wonderful smiles and beautiful costumes. And above all, it’s about feeling the excitement of the opening night, part of which is an emotional experience. But emotional feelings are a big part of the theater world, and that’s enough.

The Monterey County Dance Foundation will unveil this amazing piece this weekend. If you still have tickets, it’s highly recommended that you join this South Monterey County tradition and see for yourself the magic.

Be careful. peace.

Funny Papers Again Column | ‘The Nutcracker Ballet’: What Have I Been Missing? – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Funny Papers Again Column | ‘The Nutcracker Ballet’: What Have I Been Missing? – Salinas Valley Tribune

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