‘Funhouse’ review: A gory riff on reality TV shows

If you want to enjoy a pseudo-intelligent drive in a brutal murder, “Fun House” … may suit you.

Eight famous celebrities will appear in an exaggerated reality show that involves millions of viewers. First prize: $ 5 million. Second prize: You were killed. Instead of forming a band together, they see each other being picked up one after another in a fraudulent “challenge.”

Despite its verbose pretense, the “fun house” isn’t exactly dark “Communication network”More about what drives the viewer and how low people are for fame and survival. “saw,” The puppet master who changed his voice is playing a sadistic game. Occasionally drunk and stabbed in social commentary, who is the joke? The “fun” of “funhouse” for blood lovers lies in the barbarism of slasher movies. (The “house” in “Fun House” is a more bunker / budget studio.)

Audience may taste what is expected Schadenfreude Substitute for “reality” star I love to hate But the lack of compelling character development robs even that twisted joy.

The film would have benefited the persuasive villain rather than dropping the nasty and cynical man’s wittyism: “It looks like the one-trick pony has finally run out of tricks”; and shallow A deep thought from the point: “Praising the mediocrity has become an opium for the masses.”

With fun battle scenes, “Fun House” production design and filming do everything possible with limited resources. I hope the script was the least restricted of all resources.

“Fun House”


Execution time: 1 hour 46 minutes

Playback: Available on VOD on May 28th

‘Funhouse’ review: A gory riff on reality TV shows Source link ‘Funhouse’ review: A gory riff on reality TV shows

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