Fundraiser nets $21,000 for families to rebuild their homes

Santee, CA — Two weeks after the tragedy struck the Santee area, the community became closer than ever.

A fundraiser on Tuesday raised an estimated $ 21,000 to help the two families rebuild after the twin-engine Cessna crashed into the neighborhood. All of the day’s sales, which last from 6:30 am to 10 pm, benefit the residents Maria and Phil Morris, Cody and Courtney Campbell, who lost their homes as a result of the crash.

Two people were killed, including pilot Dr. Das Sugada and longtime UPS driver Steve Kluger, and the Morris family was hospitalized for severe burns after the crash.

The strong support show on Tuesday was a breath of fresh air for Morris’ son Jimmy Slav.

“I was really shocked,” Slav said. “We’ve driven this far, and there’s a car wall going down to the next block.”

The Santee community appeared in a big way after the crash destroyed lives and homes, sifting through many destructions and devastations.

“It’s almost like thank you and we’re grateful for it. They don’t even talk about the emotions we feel at this moment,” said Cody Campbell.

Campbell was fortunate to have been working at the time of the crash, but lost everything.

“We are really grateful and happy to even be standing here,” said Courtney Campbell. “It’s going to be a long way, but moments like this make it much easier.”

At the time of the crash, Slav’s mother and stepfather were at home. Neighbors rushed to the rescue, but both suffered two and three burns.

“The gratitude our family feels to everyone who came here and took the time to support us is immeasurable,” Slav said.

Now Campbell wants to help find a rental property while everything in the house is being organized. They say they’re struggling, but they want to stay in the community while trying to rebuild.

Hundreds of people were willing to wait in the restaurant if Wendy’s drive-through line wrapped up the parking lot all day and meant helping their neighbors survive this ordeal.

“This is definitely a tragedy, but a phoenix emerges from the ashes of our home, which happens to be a community, goodwill and love,” Slav said.

If you can’t go to Wendy’s and are interested in helping your family, you can use our online fundraiser. Courtney and Cody When Maria and Phil.

Fundraiser nets $21,000 for families to rebuild their homes Source link Fundraiser nets $21,000 for families to rebuild their homes

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