FT Alphaville’s Friday quiz, once again

It’s April 1st, but given the comedy we regularly present to you about these pink pixels, there is nothing stretchy on this site today. Instead, we present to you another serious and refreshing FAWUK, FT Alphaville’s Wot U Know quiz, on this surprising snowy day.

Here’s the deal: eight questions, six tangently about finances, one price guess and one guess who tweeted the most ridiculous thing this week. The winner receives an award of our choice (based on: a branded voltage ball from a third-tier venture capital firm) and possibly a certificate equivalent to our CFA.

Without exaggerating:

  1. Vladimir Putin said this week that Europe’s energy companies must start paying for Russian gas in rubles. Which bank will facilitate transactions on behalf of the Kremlin? For a bonus point, which letter was attributed to the special accounts that would make the payments easier?

  2. Inflation is on the rise – including in the eurozone. Taking the official estimate at face value, what percentage have prices risen over the past 12 months in the single currency area? A bonus point for anyone who can calculate the real interest rate for the region.

  3. The week started badly for Barclays after it became clear that she was over-selling structured products. It will now be necessary to buy them back at an equal price per person. What is the extent of the expected loss?

  4. GameStop and AMC returned this week to their old and short selves. What’s the name of GameStop’s current chair, which seems to spend most of its time scolding shorts?

  5. What is the name of the Scottish Limited Partnership found on the US Sanctions List?

  6. The FT Yacht Hunting this week. On what Caribbean island did our pink paper find two of Roman Abramovich’s boats?

  7. Will the ruble-dollar exchange rate end a week above or below where it was before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began?

  8. Who tweeted this nonsense?

Replies, as always, in comments or by email to Jamie ( or Claire (

FT Alphaville’s Friday quiz, once again Source link FT Alphaville’s Friday quiz, once again

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