FT Alphaville presents: the Contrarian Winklevii Index

Winklevii’s literal Bitcoin Brothers have become accustomed to questioning how they entered Harvard University over the past five years, while at the same time understanding how Zuckerberg denied Facebook’s ideas. ..

For example, who can forget Their claim That Bitcoin was a more valuable storehouse than gold. Because Elon will eventually mine an asteroid full of lustrous things, leading to a catastrophic supply-demand imbalance.

But even when compared to this tweet from Cameron Winklevos on Wednesday, we don’t know about inflation, another theme that all Bitcoin buddies suddenly became experts on.

It certainly hurts.

If Cameron is right, inflation will be very hot.forget ShadowStats Also Chapwood Index, We are heading towards the new Weimar Republic. The wheelbarrow is ready.

Given this amazing discovery we have come up with, why not index this particular Winklevii so that it can track the turbulent inflation path since the founding of Dollar Tree in 1986?

Introducing the Contrarian Winklevii Index.

If you are interested in licensing this proprietary data, please contact the FT Alphaville team members for more information. There is a 25% price increase from Monday to explain inflation, so get it as much as possible.

Hat tips: Joe Weisenthal.

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FT Alphaville presents: the Contrarian Winklevii Index Source link FT Alphaville presents: the Contrarian Winklevii Index

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