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Customer communication platform front Today, we are holding an event to introduce three new features. These new features focus on displaying detailed information about the customer directly from the Front user interface.

If you’re new to Front, your company started out as a shared email inbox product, allowing you to work with your incoming email as a team. For example, if your company uses mailing lists such as support @, sales @, jobs @, multiple team members can see incoming emails at the front desk.

You can assign them to specific team members to prioritize conversations before replying, discuss the current conversation in the comments section, or view an email draft before sending.

Over time, Front has evolved to consolidate more communication channels. You can now use Front for SMS conversations, live chats with customers on your website, Facebook messages, and more. The company has also improved its products with more powerful features.

For example, you can use a simple “if this then that” rule to set a rule that automates your workflow. This is a good way to distribute your work across multiple team members so that the right people can see your incoming messages as soon as possible.

Today, the company introduces features that are especially useful for teams interacting with larger customers, such as sales, support, and customer success teams. First, front users can learn more about the customers they interact with directly from their inbox.

The updated context panel works better when the team is interacting with multiple people working for the client. Instead of showing past conversations with someone in particular, you can view past conversations with everyone who works for this client.

Front is already integrated with CRMs such as Salesforce and HubSpot. You can now easily bring data into the context panel. You can see the name of the account owner, the customer segment, and the SLA (Service Level Agreement) commitment with this customer.

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Second, Front is adding new features for its automatic routing capabilities through tight integration with CRM. For example, you can find the account owner’s name in CRM and assign incoming emails directly to the account owner.

If the account owner changes in Salesforce, the rules are automatically updated in Front. If you’re receiving messages from important customers, you can also get annual revenue data from your CRM and set VIP tags.

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Finally, Front will soon upgrade the analytics page. For example, you can track the performance of a team for a particular account and compare it to an SLA.

With these updates, Front is positioned as a better working tool for clients of large enterprises with expensive B2B contracts. Current Front customers include Shopify, Dropbox, Flexport,, Lydia, and Airbnb.

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Front introduces customer-centric features with deeper CRM integration – TechCrunch Source link Front introduces customer-centric features with deeper CRM integration – TechCrunch

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