From the Archives: Electric trolleys first appeared in San Diego in 1887

November 19, 1887, in San Diego Electric high speed transportation company Introduced the second electric tram service on the west coast. (Los Angeles claims to have the first one.)

A few days later, the Union marveled at the smoothness of the “electric road.” However, the company only ran for a short time. In 1892, John D. Spreckels launched the more successful San Diego Electric Railway Company, which operated until 1949.

From San Diego Union, Tuesday, November 22, 1887:

Electric road.

A special party travels online.

The capitalist participates in the company.

A smooth running machine without noise, smoke or burning — a list of excursion personnel.

The public appreciates the opening of San Diego and Old Town electric motors, and Union’s column contains a detailed description of appliances and their tricks. It will inevitably take several days to reduce the operation to the extent that they are susceptible, and the limit to integrity in this regard may not yet be reached.

Yesterday afternoon, a gentleman’s company was invited to get over the road to test its quality.

Smooth work machine.

The train departed at the foot of D Street at 3 o’clock and consisted of two packed cars. Professor JC Henry, the inventor of the system, accompanied the party, along with Dr. David Goshenauer. San Diego is to the gentlemen whose associated capital and energy have given the city a prestigious high-speed railroad driven by its mysterious and powerful agents whose subtle performance is a wonder of the time. Throwing a lever similar to that used in street rail cable systems, the train departs without jerks or jars and curves up the slope until it reaches the brick yard where the car is located. Proceeded rapidly around.

Here the train stopped for a few minutes, allowing the company to inspect the machine. After this meeting, the car proceeded to the old town, where it stopped for 30 minutes. This gave Father Houghton the opportunity to point out the exact location he stood on when he bought San Diego at auction on May 10, 1867. 26 cents per acre. During this stop, Professor Henry was as lucky as he was able to answer many questions about electric motors and other motors and hear some interesting and valuable information in a modest and almost shy way. Gave to people. After 30 minutes, everyone boarded and the train returned to the city.

board of directors.

The San Diego Electric High Speed ​​Rail is successful. This was a unanimous verdict for everyone who enjoyed yesterday’s trial trip. Its operation is freed from the jerks and jars that characterize cable systems, and the smoke and other hassles of steam motor roads. The speed of movement is completely controlled. It’s almost incredible grade. Start, stop, move quickly and smoothly. The passengers he rides marvel at the mysterious power that drives him. Marvel at the transmission of such strength over overhead lines. Marvel at the occasional flashing sparks from the spinning wheels. It is another form of wise manifestation of the subtle power that a human ingenious genius submits to his service.

From the Archives: Electric trolleys first appeared in San Diego in 1887 Source link From the Archives: Electric trolleys first appeared in San Diego in 1887

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