Fresno woman using porta-potties to help homeless community

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Gordie Ochinero-Bermudez helps her homeless, whether she’s finding a way to drink them or offering basic needs from health care products to haircuts. Prove to go far for.

Her latest effort is to pedal 470 miles from Bay to Los Angeles to raise awareness and funding for the homeless, which she calls the Porta-Potty for Dignity Ride.

“To say our community, our homeless community, like all of us, has some dignity and deserves to use the toilet privately,” she said.

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After being homeless in Sacramento for three years and fighting addiction and neurological events, Gordy was able to heal by helping others.

“Here I’m talking about cycling to make a difference, so they felt like they helped me live again and want to care more about something than myself,” she says. I did.

Gordy has raised over $ 7,000 over a four-week period. It was enough to buy 6 temporary toilets, 1 ADA compliant toilet and a laundry station.

The owners of the Vannes and Belmont shopping centers have allowed Gordy to place the facility on the premises.

As a homeless person, Gordy says this is more than a washout area, as the lack of stability of something as simple as a morning routine can hurt your mental health.

“It’s very torture, painful, embarrassing, and inhumane,” she said. “It doesn’t give you dignity. It increases your mental illness on the street. Our homeless community takes some dignity to the bathroom privately and deserves to feel they are equal. I will. “

Gordy celebrated the outcome by dealing with a community helping barbecues and health products.

That’s not all for Gordy and her volunteer team. Not only is she working on a non-profit organization, she is working with Fresno City University to vaccinate the homeless.

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Fresno woman using porta-potties to help homeless community Source link Fresno woman using porta-potties to help homeless community

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