Fresno woman involved in mobile home fire calling for change

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-The horror of hell on Wednesday night at Trails End Mobile Home Park in northeastern Fresno appeared to have been caused by evil forces.

“It was a nightmare from Elm Street,” said resident Heidi Phipps.

But it wasn’t a movie set-it was a real danger to happen many times at the fateful mobile home park.

Phipps’ parents were in one of the burning mobile homes.

She lives across from them, so she ran to save her loved one as the fire burned.

“When I came to take my parents out of the house, I felt the heat, and I thought to myself that I would take your parents out and only take your parents out,” she said. Told.

The wind blew embers towards the entire trailer park and her home. She immediately turned her attention to her family.

“When I saw the ashes coming home, Aunt, I told her to take her child out and take her out now,” Phipps said.

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In just a few minutes, three mobile homes were destroyed.

Shane Brown, a spokeswoman for the Fresno Fire Department, said:

Fresno fire officials said they had responded to the trails end 10 times last year.

One of those calls was April. After the mobile home ignited, a man died and an additional trailer was damaged.

For Phipps, this is the end of the trails end she plans to move to.

“This is not a good environment. I think they should close this place,” she said.

Investigators are still investigating the cause of the recent fire, but believe it could be electrical.

Action News has contacted the landlord about the fire, but has not yet responded.

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Fresno woman involved in mobile home fire calling for change Source link Fresno woman involved in mobile home fire calling for change

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