Fresno State makes the top 50 of Money’s 2022 Best Colleges list

Fresno State is one of the nation’s best colleges in terms of quality, affordability and results and is ranked No. 29 in the new Money’s List of best colleges 2022announced on Monday the online financial form.

This year, for the first time, Money split its annual ranking into two lists: a main ranking of 623 colleges nationwide and a secondary ranking of the 48 most select schools in the country. Designed to help families look at the costs and rewards of any university they consider, Money’s list of the best colleges highlights colleges that have a history of helping graduate students open up to above-average paid jobs. One of the main messages of Money this year is that a college does not have to be extremely selective to be a good investment.

The state of Fresno is one of the 11 campuses of the State University of California in the top 50 places in the main list. In the Money subcategories, Fresno State ranked No. 25 for The best public colleges and No. 17 for The best college in the West.

“This new ranking report from Money reaffirms the Fresno State’s commitment to providing our students with the opportunity to learn, engage and become visionary leaders,” said Fresno State President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval. “The heartfelt efforts of our teaching staff and staff result in a comprehensive higher education education that transforms the lives of our talented and diverse students – who in turn empower our communities, our state and our world.”

The ranking includes only US colleges that have sufficient reliable data for analysis. The data collection and analysis was done by Money’s ranking partner, Witlytic, but Money’s editorial staff is responsible for the final decisions.

Colleges and universities were ranked based on 24 factors in terms of quality, affordability and results. Money has made several changes to its ranking calculations this year, including the removal of Payscale earnings data and the calculation of earnings that are weighed differently by specialties, making it difficult to compare the performance of a college this year with previous years. Fresno State has been on Money’s list of the best colleges since 2016, except in 2021 when Money did not publish a ranking list.

Nearly 25,000 students attend Fresno State, 66% of whom are the first in their family to graduate from college. The University remains one of the most accessible campuses in the California State University system in terms of tuition and fees. The University has the lowest compulsory campus fees at CSU, including fees for health services and teaching-related activities.

Fresno State makes the top 50 of Money’s 2022 Best Colleges list Source link Fresno State makes the top 50 of Money’s 2022 Best Colleges list

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