Fresno nurse accused of stealing Fentanyl from her employer, doing drugs on the job

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN)-Fresno nurses have been accused of stealing pain-relieving opioid fentanyl from their employers.

A court testimony on Wednesday claimed that she used it on the patient and then secretly injected the leftovers.

It was December 2019 when the chief nurse of the Otolaryngology Medical Center in northeastern Fresno helped with the daily count of controlled substances when he realized something was wrong.

“I remember counting with the nurses, counting fentanyl, and noticing that there were some missing,” Melissa Vinaucas, chief nurse of the ENT Facial Surgery Center, testified in court. Did.

They immediately contacted Fresno police and reported 36 missing vials of fentanyl.

Just a few days later, another 13 people went missing, so they called the detective again.

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This time, the chief nurse had the suspect in mind.

“The last thing in the cabinet was Melissa, so she got up and told me she needed to leave. She felt sick and when she left, she noticed that the fentanyl vial was gone. rice field. .”

Hours later, police met Melissa Galvanic, a registered nurse, at her home in Clovis.

Investigators quickly realized she wasn’t telling the truth and said she appeared to be under the influence of opioids.

At some point, the detective asked her to lift her long sleeves and show her arms to the investigator.

“She had what was called a truck mark from her wrist to her arm, on both arms,” ​​said Fresno police chief. Dean Cardinale.

Action News was asked not to record the detective’s face, but he testified that he admitted that she had robbed her of her work of fentanyl after pushing galvanic.

She told investigators that she used her own medicine to remove vials from nearby fields.

Galvani told police that he started working in November and began stealing fentanyl just two weeks later.

“She also administered fentanyl to the patient, then took the remaining fentanyl that was in these bottles, went into the bathroom, and was actually using fentanyl in the bathroom.” Det. Kardiner said.

Det. Cardinale said he admitted that he had refilled the fentanyl vial with an IV drip unnoticed by his colleagues. He also said she would tell her colleague that her frequent restroom breaks were due to her pregnancy, she told investigators.

The detective arrested her for mass theft and embezzlement of felony.

She faces up to three years in prison.

Galbani’s defense lawyer told Action News that she had enrolled in a rehabilitation and recovery program that included education and treatment shortly after she was arrested.

She also complies with random drug tests, he said.

As of Wednesday, the galvanic nursing license was still valid.

Action News has contacted the Legislature for more information on how to handle these types of situations and is waiting for a response.

Galvani will return to court on November 4th.

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Fresno nurse accused of stealing Fentanyl from her employer, doing drugs on the job Source link Fresno nurse accused of stealing Fentanyl from her employer, doing drugs on the job

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