Fresno man arrested for parents’ murders, fifth similar case in five months

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – A family is in shock after a 22-year-old man allegedly shot and killed his parents at their home in Northeast Fresno on Sunday afternoon.

Julian McElhaney is charged with the murder of his parents last night, and his alleged crime bears some resemblance to four other recent cases.

A 911 call for gunfire alerted police to a house just north of Bullard Avenue.

“They found the suspect, who was waiting for them in front,” said Fresno police chief Paco Balderrama.

Julian McElhaney was not far from his dead father on the grass. His mother was dead inside the house.

Police say Julian confessed to what he did.

“The suspect was cooperative,” said Balderrama. “He is the one who called 911, said he shot his family and left when the officers arrived.”

Will McElhaney worked in factories at Clovis Unified for 19 years and had a subsidiary of carpet and flooring.

He and his wife, Sylvia, have lived in this house for more than a decade raising three children and helping raise nieces and nephews.

One of them told us that the McElhaneys were amazing people and the whole family is devastated.

Police tell Action News that he had a previous call for home service in 2018 and it concerned Julian.

Neighbors said the family was extremely helpful and friendly and would miss them.

“I’m sorry I lost them. I’m so sorry I lost them,” one of them told us, provided we did not use her name.

Balderama says investigators do not know exactly why Julian would have killed his parents.

This is the fifth time since November that an adult has killed or attempted to kill a parent in Fresno County. Eduardo Amaya on March, Rahmad Park in January, Austin Alvarez in December and Bretton Begaye In November.

Julian’s confused motive connects the previous four cases with her.

“There may be some mental health problems associated with this case,” the police chief said.

The Balderrama chief says that 90% of the homicides in Fresno in 2021 involved weapons.

He says people with mental illness should not have access to weapons, but he did not know if Julian had any restrictions.

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Fresno man arrested for parents’ murders, fifth similar case in five months Source link Fresno man arrested for parents’ murders, fifth similar case in five months

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