Fresno elementary school honors bilingualism and diversity with new mural

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – Sunset Elementary School in Fresno is hosting its first night of school visit since the pandemic.

To honor the special occasion, they unveil a brand new mural that highlights bilingualism and diversity.

Natanska Valtierra is the principal of the Spanish Dual Immersion School.

“The Governor of California came here to Sunset, he signed a bill here that also supports bilingual education and I remember being ashamed of our logo. It was small, it was old and the colors did not match red and black.” says Director Valtierra.

Less than a year later, the mural was done.

Painted by local artist Jose Elias.

Sunset Elementary School received a $ 16,000 grant from Blue Shield California to make the mural possible.

At the center of the mural is the school mascot, a tiger. There are multilingual standards around it.

Director Valtierra says: “Bilingualism can open doors in any field, whether you are involved in sports or education, social justice, engineering or music, so we try to reflect this in our murals.

Fresno Unified has more than a dozen campuses offering dual language options in both Hmong and Spanish.

At Sunset Elementary, there are over 400 students.

“Being bilingual is extremely important and useful. I know it because I am and my main language is Spanish. I did not speak English until I was 20 and it is very important. It opened the door for me.” , shares the Principal Valtierra.

Half of the students in the classroom speak English, the other half Spanish.

Together, they help each other learn and grow in academia.

Principal Valtierra explains, “Once they reach 5th or 6th grade, they perform just as well or better than students who speak a language.”

Principal Valtierra encourages anyone interested in enrolling their students in dual immersion programs.

You can find a link to the programs here.

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Fresno elementary school honors bilingualism and diversity with new mural Source link Fresno elementary school honors bilingualism and diversity with new mural

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