Fresno County correctional officer resigned, charged with felony after inmate attack

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A Fresno County correctional officer has lost his job and is facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting an inmate.

An arrest warrant reveals the Fresno County Jail became a violent place for a man charged with attempted murder.

The corrections officer is accused of assaulting 21-year-old Eric Major in December.

Thomas Sire, 43, had worked at the prison since 2018 but resigned during an investigation into two separate cases of alleged violence.

“A Fresno County Sheriff’s employee brought the allegation of misconduct to his supervisor,” Sheriff Margaret Mims told us in a written statement. “An investigation was immediately initiated and Thomas Sire was ultimately found to be responsible for assaulting an inmate. There is zero tolerance for this type of behavior in our office.”

“Obviously this was an internal investigation and he resigned,” said legal analyst Tony Capozzi. “But I think that adds credibility to what the inmate is saying in this particular case.”

Capozzi says credibility could be a big issue in the case, which he believes is based on circumstantial evidence, based on the arrest warrant obtained by Action News.

It indicates that the surveillance cameras did not capture a good picture of what happened. Another corrections officer told investigators Sire planned it that way.

He said Sire said he wanted to fool Major in a conference room without cameras or take him blind spot in the gym.

“He says, ‘I’d like to take him to a spot where he can’t be seen on the cameras,'” Capozzi noted. “Well, obviously that’s what happened where you can’t see anything on the cameras.”

Major told investigators he saw Sire look for the blind spot and send him into it before slamming him face first into the ground.

The Major’s grandmother told us he suffered minor injuries and had no idea why he was attacked. They are considering filing a civil lawsuit.

Prosecutors filed felony charges of assault and battery on a police officer.

Sire made his first court appearance on Friday, but postponed the plea.

His attorney did not return messages.

Capozzi says the ex-officer might try to make Major out to be a liar, but testimony from other correctional officers could sink him, so he might try a different defense.

“He can say it was self-defense,” Capozzi said. “I was scared and thought he was going to attack me.”

Sire is due back in court next month when he is expected to enter a plea.

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Fresno County correctional officer resigned, charged with felony after inmate attack Source link Fresno County correctional officer resigned, charged with felony after inmate attack

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