French hope bad weather won’t rain off virus reopening

French people look forward to relaxing many coronavirus restrictions on Wednesday as coronavirus vaccinations are accelerating and infections are declining, but outdoor lunches at restaurants are at risk of rain. there is.

While the curfew is postponed from 7 pm to 9 pm, a group of up to 6 people will join together to open the restaurant terrace with 50% capacity and participate in museums, theaters and cinemas. You can eat.

This is the latest step in a phased resumption plan that began in early May by allowing travel between regions.

“Resume Social contact It is one of the factors of public welfare. ” health Prime Minister Jerome Salomon told the JDD Sunday.

Some restaurant owners were already dissatisfied with the limits of hospitality, especially given the risk of rain in the previously rainy May.

“Imagine restarting the entire machine, creating a new menu, and undoing all the staff, but it’s raining, so you have to cancel everything and throw away the item,” Star said. Chef Philip Echuvest told JDD.

In addition, he said that less than half of restaurants across France even have space to dine outdoors.

“It’s impossible,” Echuvest concluded, adding that he would wait until the next turn of Ratchet on June 9 until he was allowed to eat and drink indoors.

“Emergency brake” is still possible

The cinema could open up to 35% capacity from Wednesday, with new movies competing for big screen space and a shorter fall release.

Museums, theaters, zoos, libraries, and all shops are allowed to reopen in partial capacity.

As in other countries, the resumption of France is possible thanks to lower infections and accelerated vaccination programs, with 20.3 million people receiving the first jab so far and 8.8 million at both doses. received.

The government is aiming for a first dose of 30 million doses by mid-June and is currently offering next-day appointments to people over the age of 18 that are not claimed by those over the age of 50.

Health officials do not preclude the date of June 15th, when all adults can book vaccines without restrictions.

Nevertheless, President Emmanuel Macron warned that the government could put an “emergency brake” on resumption if the infection was compromised again.

“Until successful vaccinations and minimal viral circulation, herd immunity will not be reached,” said Salomon, director of public health.

He added that checking “health passes” and travelers, especially from hotspots such as India, remains important.

France approaches 20 million goal with Covid vaccination drive

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