Fred Savage Fired from The Wonder Years Due to Alleged Misconduct

Fred Savage, a children’s actor with a later career focused on working behind the camera, was released on Friday as co-producer and director of ABC’s The Wonder Years.

A 20th Television spokesman confirmed this development.

“Recently, we learned of Fred Savage ‘s misconduct, and in accordance with policy, an investigation was launched.

– After its completion, it was decided to terminate his employment as the corresponding producer and director of The Wonder Years, a spokesman told various publications.

Savage made it huge by starring in the original version of The Wonder Years, which featured 115 episodes from 1988-1993.

The star played a significant role in the ABC reboot as a corresponding producer and director.

However, he received several complaints of alleged misconduct during his filming, including both verbal outbursts and inappropriate conduct.

Deadline broke this unfortunate and disturbing news.

Both versions of The Wonder Years date back to the 1960s and are told from the perspective of a 12-year-old who navigates life with family and friends.

Savage played Kevin Arnold in the original series, while Elisha “EJ” Williams leads the reboot.

The final of the revival season is scheduled for May 18th.

So far, it has not been renewed for another season.

Savage has not yet issued a statement on the allegations.

The charges come four years after actress Alley Mills – who played Savage ‘s mother Norma Arnold in the original program – said in 2018 that a lawsuit against the actress and Jason Hervey over sexual harassment forced the series to end in 1993.

(Hervey introduced Savage’s older brother, Wayne Arnold.)

Costume designer Monique Long sued the actress in 1993, claiming that their alleged verbal and physical harassment prevented her from doing her job properly and led her to be fired.

The lawsuit was eventually settled and dismissed.

Elsewhere in 2018, a judge dismissed a gender-based lawsuit against Savage from costume designer Youngjoo Hwang, who claimed to have created a hostile environment in the filming of Fox’s The Grinder.

This woman said that Savage “beaten” her arm violently three times after she had brushed the dandruff off her suit … and that the actress had a reputation for losing her temper in filming with other women.

Savage vehemently denied the allegations.

wild, Fred

“I learned that a woman who worked in the costume department at a show I was in almost three years ago claimed to have treated her harshly in filming just because she was a woman,” she said in a statement four years ago.

“These allegations are completely unfounded and completely unfounded. Fox conducted an extensive internal investigation into its allegations, in which I participated fully.

“After concluding an in – depth investigation, Fox concluded that there was no evidence to support these allegations.

“None of his allegations could be substantiated because they did not happen.”

Fred Savage Fired from The Wonder Years Due to Alleged Misconduct Source link Fred Savage Fired from The Wonder Years Due to Alleged Misconduct

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