Franklin High School Band Review Invitational Electrifies Elk Grove

The Franklin High School Review took place last Saturday near Franklin High School on October 9th. Hundreds of people from all over Northern California, including a high school marching band, participated. Elk Grove Tribune reporters attended an action-packed event to deliver this special review.

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NorCal High School Band Appears in Elk Grove

Elk Grovians, Sacramentans and Nor Calians met last weekend to hear and cheer on some of Franklin High School’s finest youth band musicians. Mother Nature celebrated the event with clear blue skies and clear skies, filled with sounds of drums, horns and symbols. Students and parents of the local band program met, talked and supported each other when they looked like an endless parade of music and dance. Members of the community saw awe and excitement from the bystanders.

Some of us were fortunate to be able to see behind the scenes of the band and bandleaders while practicing the Big Show. What an absolute treat! As we walked through the Franklin High School campus, an Elk Grove Tribune reporter told students and parents about the event. Without exception, everyone expressed how happy and excited they were to run and support other band programs. For the Franklin High School Marching Band itself, this year’s band competition was the first performance in two years.

Benefits of being in a band

According to health experts, joining a band has physical and mental health benefits for both young and adults. Physical health benefits include weight loss and better adjustment. Mental health benefits include improved memory and self-confidence, and reduced stress. Studies show that music itself is one of seven intelligences and the only one that uses all seven intelligences at the same time. In addition, band participation can improve concentration and self-esteem. The band also improves social skills such as cooperation. Joining a band will improve your grades. A national education survey found that students who were deeply involved in instrumental music in junior high and high school showed “a fairly high level of math proficiency by the 12th grade.”

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Franklin High School Band Review Invitation

Franklin High School Band Review Invitational is an annual celebration. The four-hour event includes a band parade on the streets of Elk Grove and field exercises on the Franklin High School campus. This year, regional talent from all over Northern California participated. This event will help fund one of Sacramento County’s best band programs, the Franklin High School Program. Event sponsors include the city of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove Tribune is looking forward to next year’s Franklin High School Band Review Invitational.

Franklin High School Band Review Invitational Electrifies Elk Grove Source link Franklin High School Band Review Invitational Electrifies Elk Grove

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