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Tucker Carlson calls the idea of ​​a vaccine passport the medical equivalent of the “Jim Crow” method. And other Fox News personalities have spent months both trafficking rhetoric for vaccination and assassinating the concept of showing evidence of vaccination status.

However, Fox Corporation, the parent company of the right-wing talk channel, quietly implemented the concept of a vaccine passport as workers slowly returned to the company’s office.

Fox employees, including employees working at Fox News, received an email from CNN Business’s talent department in early June, saying Fox said, “Safety for employees to self-certify their vaccination status. Developed a voluntary method. ” “

The system allows employees to self-report to Fox the date the shot was administered and the vaccine used.

The company encourages employees to report their status, stating that “providing this information to FOX will help the company’s space planning and contact tracking.”

According to the follow-up email received by the employee who reported the status of the vaccination, the employee who reported his condition can bypass the daily health check that would otherwise be required.

“Thank you for providing vaccination information to FOX,” the email says. “You no longer have to complete your daily health checkup through WorkCare / WorkMatters.”

The concept, first reported by Ryan Grim at The Hill’s morning streaming show on Monday, is known internally as the “FOX Clear Pass.”

The “Fox Clear Pass” is employee voluntary and other companies have similar tools, but it’s still noteworthy given Fox’s greatest talent in criticizing the concept of vaccine passports. Worth

Fox News spent months describing the idea that people may be required to show vaccination status as dangerous to personal liberty and anti-Americanism.

Fox also touted the refusal of vaccine passports by elected Republican officials such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Fox Corporation and Fox News spokespersons answered Monday’s question about why the company itself is implementing a version of the vaccine passport, even though the right-wing talk channel is so strongly opposed to the vaccine passport. I didn’t comment.

This is not the first time Fox has been so brave and hypocritical about coronavirus prophylaxis.

While the TV presenter was dressed in a face mask, the company issued guidance recommending employees to wear a face mask. He also said that those who participate in the taping of host Greg Gutfeld’s show need to wear masks.

Fox Corp. implementing its own version of a vaccine passport – Press Telegram Source link Fox Corp. implementing its own version of a vaccine passport – Press Telegram

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