Founder of Mogul Press, Nabeel Ahmad Is an Example of Why You Are Never Too Young for Success

For those who have begun their path to success much earlier in life, they often hear people say, “Focus on your education, or you will be sloppy in life.” In other words, our society makes them feel that they are too young and inexperienced to succeed in life.

There is no definite or appropriate age to embark on a journey that affects your financial life. We’ve always heard that it’s never too late to chase your dreams, but what if you start saying that you’re never too young to succeed?

This is what Nabir Ahmad believed when he was 19 years old. Nabeel is a serial entrepreneur who has inspired young people around the world by proving that success must not match your age.

Nabil, who belonged to a middle-class family in Pakistan where he spent his early life, was not looking forward to formal schooling. In fact, he was absolutely afraid to concentrate on learning in the classroom as soon as he could remember.

Over time, Nabir shared how he was absent from class most of the time. He said. “I was almost absent when I was in high school, but I was still able to get the best grades in my class.” For Nabil, studying for himself gave him much better results. ..

He finally went on to college in the United States in 2016. However, he dropped out shortly after the first semester to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, so he stayed for very little for a year.

“We couldn’t afford to waste our precious four years of life in a laboratory that is clearly not evolving as fast as the world. This time we want to spend it building our business,” said Nabir.

After dropping out, Nabil started out in various industries.After some unsuccessful ventures, he finally hit the jackpot Mogul press – PR company. Over the past few years, Mogul Press has established itself as a key player in the global public relations industry.

When asked why and how to enter the public relations industry, Nabir said, “I felt that the traditional guesswork model used by most public relations companies was inefficient and outdated, so I had the opportunity to confuse the public relations industry. I saw it. “

Nabeel was a columnist for the most well-known publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, so he was able to build a strong network of editorial connections over the years.

“After months of spending months in the media industry and hundreds of pitches, I finally cracked the code. I knew exactly what it took to deliver results to my clients,” Nabeel said. I am.

Nabeel was able to completely circumvent the traditional guesswork model that most public relations companies rely on, which was the basis of MogulPress. His PR company is based on results, not guesses, and his clients pay only for results.

Mogul Press has become one of the fastest growing companies in the public relations industry, generating $ 100,000 a month and becoming a seven-digit company. Nabeel said: “The goal of Mogul Press is simple. We want to continue to confuse the public relations industry, help people tell their stories through the media, and strive to be an eight-digit company.

In addition, Nabeel is the founder of Skyray Media Group, a media and entertainment industry. One of the most notable publications owned by Skyray Media Group is Hustler digest, An online magazine for global entrepreneurs, technicians, marketers and small business owners, has grown into one of the most influential publications in the business industry.

His main company is Skyray Ventures, A modern parent company that owns all other companies.

Nabir’s philosophy of life changed his life better. Of course, economic stability is one thing, but it is something young people today need to know to tell the world that age should not impose any kind of restrictions on you. At the age of 23, Nabir is already the owner of a $ 1 million business empire, so he doesn’t think he’ll stop anytime soon.

Founder of Mogul Press, Nabeel Ahmad Is an Example of Why You Are Never Too Young for Success Source link Founder of Mogul Press, Nabeel Ahmad Is an Example of Why You Are Never Too Young for Success

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