Found a flock of turkeys roaming

Walnut Creek, California (cron) — Turkey alert! A flock of turkeys was captured on video (above) hanging out in the yard of a Walnut Creek home.

At least 10 turkeys were seen roaming gardens, lawns and driveways, home surveillance video obtained by KRON4 shows. This was taken at about 8:35 am on January 22nd.

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The home owner, identified only by the first name mark, lives near Shell Ridge Open Space where turkeys are commonly spotted. However, the behavior exhibited by these particular turkeys is much less common.

(California Fish and Wildlife Service)

“our [doorbell] Encounter different wildlife several times a day. Turkeys, deer, squirrels, coyotes and the occasional bobcat have been using our Ring cameras for 8 years,” Mark said in a statement. “Most of the time there are turkeys marching in groups, past our door and down the driveway.

“We live very close to the open spaces of Mount Diablo and Shell Ridge, so encounters with wildlife are common…but we always see wildlife arguing with each other, like in this video. It was definitely a rare occurrence to catch this action in front of our door.”

In the 45-second video, seven or so turkeys are first gathered and scattered around the garden. Mark has been living in his Creek home in Walnut since December 2014. Found a flock of turkeys roaming

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