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Baltimore — With former United Parcel Service executives to keep students from breaking college debt Morgan State University Alumni Calvin Tyler has increased his $ 5 million commitment to his home school by $ 15 million to fund college scholarships.

The· Expanded Calvin and Tina Tyler Endowment Scholarship FundFounded in 2002 to provide scholarships to Baltimore students, the university is now being used to attract students across the country to universities that want to establish themselves as prestigious research institutes. Announced.

“Baltimore and many young people across the country are now in need of help,” Tyler said. “Pushing them into debt further by relying on government lending is not the answer. Getting a college degree and graduating without debt is what we consider very important.”

A recently built student service on Morgan’s campus, Tyler Hall stands as a legacy of Calvin and Tina Tyler’s “Philanthropic Heritage.” (Provided by Morgan State University)

Student demographics suggest that almost all Morgan students will be affected by increased funding in the form of partial or complete tuition scholarships. Of the approximately 8,000 students currently attending college, 90% receive some financial support.

“45% Pell Grant, Federal support to support students at various levels based on family support, and about 30% of 45% are eligible for maximum benefit, “said President David Wilson of Morgan State University. .. “Thousands of students will be affected over the next few decades to decades.”

Wilson said he “literally dropped the phone” when the Tylers informed him that he wanted to increase his commitment to college.

“When I was talking to Calvin and he and Tina wanted to make a bigger investment, he didn’t think in millions, so I was quiet,” Wilson said. .. “We talked about the impact of COVID-19 on the communities in which they were born and how it can be stressful under normal circumstances, and now students have to do more than three times. He told me he wanted to do everything he could to ease the burden of the loan so that students could enjoy the magic of education at Morgan State University. “

“My wife and I were keenly aware of the impact of the pandemic on many young people seeking education,” Tyler said. “We have the resources to help many young people through donated scholarship programs. It’s not that we support Morgan, but that we support Baltimore … Baltimore is our hometown and our hometown. “

Tyler, who was forced to leave Morgan in 1963 due to lack of funding to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration, became one of UPS’s first 10 black drivers in 1964. .. Operations President retired in 1998 and joined the board of directors. According to Wilson, Tyler’s company stock options and board compensation make up the majority of his benefactor’s wealth.

“Calvin was a diligent man who worked his money for him,” Wilson said. “He didn’t come out through diversity programs or HR, but not a few in those organizations. At one point, he was literally the chief operating officer of a large company.”

Calvin Tyler began his career as one of 10 black UPS drivers before resigning as Senior Vice President of Operations at UPS in 1988. .. (Provided by Morgan State University)

Emergence of Morgan as a top research university

Morgan State University has a long history as one of the four historically black colleges in Maryland. Founded in 1867 as the Centenary Vibrical Institute to train young men in the ministry, it was renamed Morgan College in 1890 in honor of Rev. Littleton Morgan, the first council president.

The school was a private institution until 1939 and was purchased by the state to provide more opportunities for black residents. In 1975, the school gained college status and expanded its offerings to include several PhDs.

Today, Morgan has 12 universities, schools and research institutes with a curriculum that includes liberal arts, engineering, architecture and planning, social work, global journalism and communication. In 2007, due to growth among PhD institutions, Morgan was classified as a “Doctoral Research Institute” by the Carnegie Foundation for the Promotion of Education. Ten years later, the university was designated by the Maryland State Council as the state’s “Outstanding Public Urban Research University.”

Along with Bowie State University, Coppin State University, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Morgan State University is the engine that drives both state and national economies. United Negro College Fund A report published in 2017, “HBCU Strengthens America: The Positive Economic Impact of Historically Black Colleges in Maryland.” Maryland HBCU reports that it has a total economic impact of $ 1 billion, with more than 9,300 jobs and $ 9.5 billion. Lifetime income during that graduate.

With the Tyler Foundation, personal donations from the largest graduates in college history, and a $ 40 million gift from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife Mackenzie Scott in 2020, Morgan State University is now well-received for decades. I am enjoying the benefits. making.

“These investments show what we’ve known all the time,” Wilson said. “Morgan is the country’s most talented and serious institution in an era of huge innovation. Philanthropists are the first option Morgan considers when a big return on investment is needed. I agree with the idea. “

“McKenzie Scott was scrutinizing us from afar. The Tylers were scrutinizing us up close because Dr. Wilson was able to have a great relationship with them,” said Morgan’s institutional. Donna Howard, Vice President of Progress, said. “But both gifts show that we passed the convocation when we thought about giving them. These two gifts are deeply rooted in altruism and their wealth It shows that we want to have a positive and transformative impact on our students, their families, and our community. “

(Carlin Becker and Matthew B. Edited by Hall)

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Former UPS Executive Boosts Pledge To Alma Mater By $15 Million – Westside Story Newspaper – Online Source link Former UPS Executive Boosts Pledge To Alma Mater By $15 Million – Westside Story Newspaper – Online

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