Former UFC Champ Accused of Trying to Kill Child Molestation Suspect in Santa Clara County Pursuit

Former UFC heavyweight champion Kane Velázquez is charged with attempted murder and premeditated murder, charged with attempting to shoot and kill a man accused of harassing a close relative of Velázquez, in connection with the Feb. 28 incident on Morgan Hill and San streets. contract.

The trial of Velasquez, who lives in Gilroy, in the Supreme Court of Santa Clara County on Wednesday has been adjourned to Monday, March 7, when a bail hearing will be held. He remained in Santa Clara County Jail without bail.

An invitation photo of Kane Velasquez, was arrested on February 28th.

Velázquez, 39, is accused of firing on a relative of the harassment suspect, Harry Golarta, who was traveling in a vehicle that Alaskaz was aiming at, according to authorities.

The 63-year-old shooting victim was hit once by gunfire, and was taken to hospital. He is expected to survive.

Charges filed by District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s office include first-degree murder attempt.

Velasquez allegedly fired several bullets from a gun into Golarta’s vehicle in a rapid chase on Feb. 28 that began in Morgan Hill, according to the prosecutor’s press release.

Velasquez, a driver of a Ford truck, grabbed a Chevrolet Silverado occupied by Gollart and his two older relatives around 3pm on Monday in the area of ​​Cochrane Road and Butterfield Avenue and began firing.

Velasquez followed the Chevrolet, according to prosecutors, which was driven by Golarta’s stepfather, north into San Jose, according to the prosecutor’s office. During the 11-mile fast chase, Velasquez slammed his truck into the Chevrolet and fired several bullets with his 0.40-caliber pistol – one of which hit the driver. The collision and injury occurred near the intersection of Monterey Road and Bailey Avenue on the southern city limits of San Jose.

A Chevrolet passenger called the 911 hotline during the incident, authorities said.

“The sad tragedy is that Mr. Velasquez chose to take the law into his own hands, at the risk of the public and anyone in the truck,” said Dr. Jeff Rosen. “This act of violence also causes more pain and suffering to his family.”

Gollarta was not injured, the prosecutor’s press release said. Velasquez was arrested and detained by Morgan Hill police near Slope Avenue in San Jose, authorities said.

Harry Golarta, suspected of harassing a 4-year-old boy, in a booking photo.

Gollarta, 43, faces a serious charge of child abuse, according to the prosecutor’s office. He was arraigned Feb. 25 in the Santa Clara County Supreme Court on a charge of lewdness or contempt for a child under 14.

Although prosecutors at the prosecutor’s office sought to detain Gollarta on bail, the judge released him on Feb. 25 under supervision and without bail, according to authorities. He was released on the condition that he remain under house arrest in Morgan Hill, stay within 100 feet of any child under the age of 14 and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Gollarta was on his way to purchase the monitor when Velasquez began firing at him and chasing him down Morgan Hill, the prosecutor’s press release said.

The sheriff’s deputies began investigating Golarta on February 23, a separate press release from the sheriff’s office said. At around 9:19 a.m., representatives responded to Block 600 of the Powder Foundation Court in San Martin, on a charge reported of sexual assault involving a child.

Deputies and detectives from the unit for sexual assault investigations in the sheriff’s office responded to the child care business in which the abuse allegedly took place. After conducting interviews with the 4-year-old victim and other officials, investigators determined that Gularta sexually assaulted the child, the sheriff’s press release said.

Detectives arrested Gollarta later on Feb. 23 at a residence in San Martin. Golarta is a relative of the owner of the residence and lives in the facility full time, but does not work in the business, authorities said.

More than 20 children are studying at the residence, she added in a press release from the sheriff. The owner of the facility temporarily closed the residence for the purpose of questioning the sheriff.

Gollarta is accused of improperly touching the victim’s child on a “number of occasions,” the press release said. His bail was initially set at $ 50,000 before his February 25 trial.

“Detectives believe there are additional participants in the day care centers for youth who previously attended this residence in the Powder Horn court and work adjacent to the residence to speak to all witnesses and potential victims,” ​​the sheriff’s press release said.

The victim of the child in the case is a close relative of Velasquez, according to the DA and many other sources. San Jose Inside does not disclose the exact relationship between them, as this action may indirectly identify the child.

Velasquez, a resident of Gilroy, is a former world heavyweight champion in the martial arts circuit of the UFC. He moved to Gilroy in 2010, and lived in Morgan Hill about two years earlier, according to a previous story of Gilroy sending the former fighter and wrestler.

He has twice defeated the UFC Heavyweight Division, with victories over other high-profile fighters including Junior dos Santos, Brock Lesnar and Antonio Silva. Velasquez trained at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose.

Velasquez retired from the UFC in 2019, and has competed in professional wrestling since his retirement.

Anyone with information about Golarta’s alleged offenses, including “any parent whose children have been in contact with Golarta,” can call the sheriff’s office at 408.808.4500, the sheriff’s release says. Investigators can be reached at the Sheriff’s Anonymous Tips Line at 408.808.4431.

Former UFC Champ Accused of Trying to Kill Child Molestation Suspect in Santa Clara County Pursuit Source link Former UFC Champ Accused of Trying to Kill Child Molestation Suspect in Santa Clara County Pursuit

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