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San Francisco (BCN / CBS SF) — On Wednesday, San Francisco police confirmed that police had released a quote from former professional boxer Pat Lawlor. Suspected battery after hitting an Asian teen outside a bar in North Beach On Friday.

A viral video posted on social media app TikTok over the weekend claimed that a young Asian was beaten outside the Gino and Carlo Cocktail Lounges on 548 Green Street.

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This video was posted Sunday from Sophia Enguillard’s account claiming that her 18-year-old son CJ Guillard was attacked outside the bar.

“If you’re Asian, this is the type of service you’re waiting for a pizza in Little Italy North Beach San Francisco,” the alleged video shows an image of a victim’s face bruise.

The alleged anti-Asia racial discrimination led to a storm of controversy focused on sports bars in San Francisco, and owners of family-owned facilities said he was a racist. I violently denied that.

Frank Rossi, owner of Gina and Carlo. Talked exclusively to KPIX5 earlier this weekAfter the incident, Barr said he was flooded with murder threats and negative online reviews.

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According to Rossi, men were repeatedly asked to leave, not because of race, but because they violated city guidelines for people under the age of 21 in the bar’s outdoor seating area.

“I’m not a racist. In fact, to say racist, I drive people out of my bar,” Rossi said.

Rossi said the man said: “You have to leave this area. You are not allowed to enter this area. This is our area. Even though it is outside the bar, like a bar, It’s considered inside the bar. You can’t – you’re under 21 years old, “Rossi said. “And he was determined.”

At that time, Rossi says he hit Enguilard with the involvement of bar bystanders and patrons (now known to be rollers).

“When he hit him, I became crazy,” Rossi said. “I couldn’t believe he did it. There was no threat or threat. I was completely surprised by it.”

Police have released few details about the battery case, but said it does not appear to be due to racism or hatred.

“There is no evidence to believe that the incident was caused by hatred,” police said in a statement.

Laura was a well-known boxer in the 1990s, fighting champions such as Hector Camacho and Roberto Durán.

To Facebook post from fridayThe mother of the victim, identified as Sophia Enguilard, posted a photo of police talking to Laura.

“This is the guy who hit my son out of nowhere,” she said in the caption of Laura’s photo talking to the police. “The question is, why can’t they arrest this guy ?!!! Would you like to drink while being cross-examined by the police? I can’t believe it.”

CJ Enguillado admitted in an interview on Monday that he told KPIX 5 to leave several times after learning that the bar owner was a minor.

Enguillado said he refused to leave because he was waiting for his parents to return.

“By the way, he said,’Get out f, get out of here, you don’t belong here.'” That’s what he said, and I can’t forget those words, “he said. “It’s kind of traumatic to me.”

After a flood of negative comments and 1-star reviews of Gino And Carlo on Yelp, the rating service invalidates the reviews and rejects racism, but the reviews must come directly from the customer account. I said it wouldn’t be.

Rossi also says he was threatened with a series of murders. To a family accusing him of being a racist, “I want to say they are wrong. Their son should not have been beaten. [The man arrested] He has never worked for us. He is just a customer. I’m sorry, it was neither racism nor a hate crime against Asians. “

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Former Pro Boxer Cited, Released on Suspicion of Punching Asian Teen Outside North Beach Bar – CBS San Francisco Source link Former Pro Boxer Cited, Released on Suspicion of Punching Asian Teen Outside North Beach Bar – CBS San Francisco

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