Former players show support for Mater Dei, Rollinson after report of hazing that left football player with brain injury – Press Telegram

Bruce Lorinson, head coach of Matterday High School, stood Thursday morning near the statue of the Virgin Mary in the school cave, just a short walk from the football field.

Four monarch players were leading their parents, graduates and fans in part of the Rosary at the end of the morning. The Rosary was both a prayer and a blasphemy, partly a football practice, and partly interrupted by the story of national top-ranked football values. A school with a program and “hope, glory, love” as its motto.

Matter day One day from the CIF Southern Section Division I Championship Game Confrontation with Servite and shot in the third national title in 5 years.However, games sold out within a few hours this week will be played against the backdrop of growing demand for firing of Lorinson and Matterday Principal Francis Claire. Following a report by the Orange County Register detailing how coaches and schools dealt with the violent haze incident earlier this year.

According to two videos of the quarrel obtained, the current Mater Dei player punched his teammate, 50 pounds lighter, three times on his face during a hazy ritual called Bodies on February 4, and others. The monarch player was a small player and shouted racial adjectives. By register.

The register does not identify the player due to age.

According to medical records, player 1 of a small athlete suffered a traumatic head injury, a broken nose, and a wound on both eyes. Police reported that Santa Ana Police recommended that the larger player, Player 2, be charged with a felony. The Orange County Attorney’s Office does not intend to prosecute in this proceeding.

The player’s family filed a proceeding in the Orange County High Court on Tuesday, November 23, against Matterday High School and Orange’s Roman Catholic Parish.

“If these kids were $ 100 each time they played body or slappy, I would be a millionaire,” Rawlinson said of the injured player the day after the quarrel, according to court filings. I told my father.

However, in an interview with Santa Ana Police Department investigators in April, Lorinson said, “I’ve never heard of a player participating in a’body’game where participants hit each other until someone quits.” Told. Police record.

Now standing in front of Mary’s statue, he and his team described it as “The Virgin of Victory” just a short time ago. Lorinson was asked if the body and action revealed in the February 4th video was comparable to the value of Matterday.

At first, Lorinson stared straight ahead and was silent.

“I’m not commenting at this time,” he finally said. “So we will stand here forever.”

Are you worried about your job? Lorinson was asked.

“There are no comments,” he said. “There is a survey.”

Did he lie to the police?

“There are no comments,” Rollinson said. “I have, it’s under investigation.”

At the beginning of the week, social media Rollinson called on former Mater Dei players to attend Thursday morning practice.

“You understand that this day is important to our team and you know how important brotherhood is to me. You need it there. No excuses. Lorinson, Matter Quoted on the Twitter page of the day football program.

After Thursday’s practice, about 100 ex-players gathered on their knees to approach the current team, hugging Lorinson, introducing themselves, stating the year they graduated, and the team wishing good luck to the servants.

Rollinson – seen by players, present and ex, parents, little kids in red Mater Dei jerseys and T-shirts – talked about the monarch’s family and its traditions.

However, two videos of the February 4 quarrel, police reports, surgery and other medical records, Mater Dei records, interviews, and court submissions obtained by the register are images of the family of the Monarch program. And question the value of the greatest co-educated Roman Catholicism.High school west of the Mississippi River

According to court filings, Lorinson was “detained” in disciplining other players for stating that he was one of the team’s volunteer coaches during a conversation with Player 1’s father. I told my parents.

Player 1 family proceedings allege negligence, negligence that violates California criminal law itself, warning, training, or educational negligence, intentional mental distress.

According to court filings, Mater Dei trainer Kevin Anderson, after seeing Player 1’s injury, said, “Don’t call rescuers and delay contact with (Player 1’s) parents. I talked to the staff. ” Anderson, despite seeing the severity of Player 1’s injury, did not treat the player immediately and instead continued taping the ankles of other players for practice, court filings said. ..

Police reported that Mater Dei officials initially refused to work with Santa Ana police investigators. School athletic directors Rollinson and Kevin Kiernan finalize an interview with Santa Ana Police Investigators with Mater Dei, Vice-Principal of Student Services, who attended on April 21 after more than two months of quarrels and during Santa Ana PD. I agreed. Police reported that they first requested information from the school.

In an interview with Santa Anna PD, Lorinson said: Never have, never do. I have been holding my head for 32 years. To be honest, I haven’t heard the word “hazy” since 1989. “

In a letter to Matterday’s parents and students on Wednesday School director Walter Jenkins asked, “As we proceed through the process, we ask for your trust and trust and respect the privacy and dignity of all involved.”

When the sun was shining Thursday morning, dozens of former Matterday players literally stood behind Rollinson.

“We’re excited,” Lorinson told his parents, players, and fans around him in the field before introducing the prayer, and then walked to the cave with the group to pray. “We did a great exercise. We are ready. We know what we have to do. Our focus is not just on servants. Our focus is tomorrow night. To win the championship. That’s the only thing we care about, we take care of the business and lift the plaque high tomorrow night.

“Okay, let’s bow our head.”

Former players show support for Mater Dei, Rollinson after report of hazing that left football player with brain injury – Press Telegram Source link Former players show support for Mater Dei, Rollinson after report of hazing that left football player with brain injury – Press Telegram

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