Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Ditches Mickey For The Metaverse

The former boss of the Mouse House leaves Mickey for the meta-bars.

Poor Mickey.

True, former Disney CEO Bob Eiger, having already left Disney in 2021, is now jumping on board the Metaverse train.

Eiger invests and gets a board position at Metaverse Genies.

Genis has never had a friend like Bob Eiger.

(Sorry, but Disney’s obvious pun was a low hanging fruit. I could not resist.)

The Wall Street Journal reported, “During his first career since leaving the entertainment company in November, Mr. Eiger held a board seat with Genies Inc from Los Angeles. He is also an investor in the business, one of five young technologies. Companies he has recently supported.”

Eiger told the Wall Street Journal, “I was particularly interested in companies that used technology for disruptive purposes.”

Genies offers tools for making virtual characters that include the production of clothing and accessories backed by NFTs.

Although Metaverse is digital, the money behind it is certainly real … and it is is very Impressive.

For example, last year $ 500 million was invested in Metaverse real estate. True, real estate … in A forged world. People spent a fortune on estates they would never physically visit, equipping them with things they had never physically visited. Life is really weirder than science fiction now.

According to CNBC, “Real estate sales at Towers have reached $ 500 million last year and may double this year, according to investors and analytics companies.

Real estate sales on the four major metaverse platforms reached $ 501 million in 2021, according to MetaMetric Solutions. Sales in January reached $ 85 million, Metaverse data provider said. It expects sales to reach nearly $ 1 billion by 2022 at this rate “.

Companies like Walmart and Facebook Down, and even celebrities like Snoop Dogg, are all betting big on the Meta-Wars.

Actually, even though there is none Specific definition of the metavors, It is usually described as a place made up of ever-evolving virtual worlds, which continue to exist on their own, even when no one is playing in the virtual world.

Think of those augmented reality glasses that look ridiculous. AR technology integrates the digital and physical worlds, but beyond that, Metaverse does not even require access to these spaces exclusively via VR or AR.

Another aspect of Metaverse is the way it interacts with digital currency.

In some versions of Metaverse, you can take a virtual item like clothes and cars from one platform to another, just like how, in the real world, you can buy a sweatshirt from a store and wear it to a restaurant.

as Wired magazine said it, “Right now, most platforms have virtual identities, avatars and inventory associated with just one platform, but Metaverse may allow you to create a persona that you can take anywhere as easily as you can copy your profile picture from one social network to another.”

It’s on the verge of creating a complete continuous digital identity!

And with all the money rolling in because of this, there are enough reasons to pay attention to what’s going on.

And Bob Eger has his eyes wide open and is ready to get into Metaverse.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Ditches Mickey For The Metaverse Source link Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Ditches Mickey For The Metaverse

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