Former Castro Sex Club Eros Seeks to Take Over Historic Bathhouse Space In the Tenderloin

We now know the proposed new location for the Market Street Bathhouse Eros on Turk and Taylor Street, the former home of Bulldog Baths, but we don’t know if city regulations will change to allow them to open their doors.

When we reported last week that the Re-legalization of bathhouses proceed with the unanimous approval of the SF Planning Commission, we stated that it would required changes in the building code laws to enable the operation of bathing establishments. We knew that the city’s only remaining bathhouse, Eros on Market Street — which technically wasn’t a bathhouse by the city’s definition at that location — was cannot open at the new location Somewhere in the tenderloin because of those zoning rules, but we didn’t know where that new location was.

Well someone knew because it was hidden near the bottom Reporting by Bay Area Reporter of the proposed zone changes. “Regulators are expected to vote on the zoning change by the end of April, meaning it should go into effect in early June,” the paper said. “Once the time comes, Eros, the sex club for queer and trans men, plans to reopen its doors at 132 Turk Street.”

There’s one too GoFundMe is supporting Eros’ movewhich appears to have been active for several months and has currently raised nearly $4,000.

The property is technically located at 130-132 Turk Street, Taylor Street, recognized as a historic landmark for being the home of the 1980’s Bulldog Baths bathhouse. The site, located in the Transgender Cultural District, has been notable for more recently someone who puts an airstream on their roof in 2015 and for a housing a dog salon which also used the historical name Bulldog Baths.

“I just wanted to revive the historic use of the building and bring back a little more gayness to this neighborhood,” said building owner David Nale said the SF standard.

In a nice twist, it turns out that Eros owner Ken Rowe had done some work to remove and restore many of Bullhouse Bath’s murals following its original closure. “It’s a good twist on the story,” Rowe told the SF Standard. “It’s the catch.”

According to the Standard, the new Eros will have “several locker rooms, a video pit, a number of play areas and possibly a couple of semi-private rooms.” The former Eros on Market Street closed last December 15th, and Rowe hopes to open the new location in time for Pride Weekend at the end of June. However, the new zoning law must be approved by the Board of Governors before the facility can open.

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Image: Ken Rowe via GoFundMe

Former Castro Sex Club Eros Seeks to Take Over Historic Bathhouse Space In the Tenderloin Source link Former Castro Sex Club Eros Seeks to Take Over Historic Bathhouse Space In the Tenderloin

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