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When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born.

Danny and Nena Soto would agree. Their obsession happens to serve excellent Mexican food from their live food truck – Nena’s Cocina – located on Chestnut Street in San Marcos.

Danny, a chef for more than two decades, said their experiences have been great since they opened four months ago.

On the day of our visit, I chose two different styles of tacos. Carne asada, served in soft tortilla flour. and a Shrimp Taco, served on a soft corn tortilla. In all honesty, I do not think I had a better taco – nowhere.

The carne asada was tender and perfectly seasoned. It is served with onions and coriander, and on the side a wild delicious homemade avocado sauce to throw in your taco or dip in… in any way it works. and at $ 3, what a deal!

The shrimp taco was just out of this world. The delicious crustaceans were large, which meant that with each bite I got a taste of the taste of the seafood. It is also served with cilantro and a mixture of chocolate and a light dusting of cotija cheese. (4 $)

Both taco came with lime slices and for the full tasty result I suggest squeezing it over the mixture.

My partner chose from the breakfast menu and chose three enchiladas cheeses served with two sunny eggs side up and nicely placed on top. I have to admit when I saw him cut in the egg imitating the enchiladas I wanted to catch for a bite. On the side came with homemade fried beans and red salsa. Egg and enchildas went well together, while beans and red salsa were nice additions. ($ 8)

Other breakfast items include Chilaquiles with two eggs ($ 8). Breakfast burrito ($ 7). Quesadilla Breakfast ($ 7) Breakfast Tacos ($ 2.50) and more. They also have a variety of options for lunch and dinner.

If you go:

Nena’s Cocina is located at Red Bus Food Park – 801 Chestnut St.

Phone: 702-6890545

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-7pm

Foodie Friday: Nena’s Cocina | San Marcos Record Source link Foodie Friday: Nena’s Cocina | San Marcos Record

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