Fontana teacher is accepted to National Air and Space Museum’s Teacher Innovator Institute | News

Ashley Silva, a Spanish dual language diving teacher (DLI) at the Dolores Huerta International Academy (DHIA), wants to make teaching a fun and innovative experience for her sixth graders.

She is constantly looking for new approaches to incorporate STEAM concepts into the research-based, transdisciplinary school curriculum of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Silva, who modeled herself after Ms. Frizzle, the extravagant teacher from The Magic School Bus, will have the opportunity to expand her skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math once she is admitted to the Teacher Innovator Institute. (TII) professional development program, which will be held July 11-22 at the National Museum of Air and Space (NASM) in Washington, DC.

One of only 10 teachers across the US to be admitted to the program this year, Silva will join education and STEAM experts to explore the links between STEAM education and authentic learning. Silva will be part of the program for two years; in the first year, she will work with a mentor to develop new strategies in teaching, and in the second year, she will mentor a new group of STEAM educators.

“I look forward to going to Washington, DC and participating in this wonderful program. “I feel very honored,” said Silva. “My passion for teaching is driven by the magic that is in my class every day. I like the deep conversations I have with my students. I feel very proud to work with wonderful educators and build authentic relationships with parents. Going to TII is the opportunity of a lifetime. ”

For Silva, every school day is a chance to lead her students towards being independent students, self-directed through group work and collaboration, with a range of activities that are both educational and fun. Whether designing and engineering roller skates or studying hot dog mummification, Silva students incorporate technology and art in ways that inspire and challenge them.

“As a DLI teacher at an IB candidate school, I want to incorporate STEAM concepts in ways that transcend disciplines by instilling in my researchers faith, love, and empowerment,” Silva said. “Knowing my students as wholehearted human beings with hope and dreams beyond what they share with me in class is something I strive for every year when I meet my young students.”

Silva said she is particularly excited to see how her TII experience will shape her daily learning plans. As part of the elementary school program, IB students should prepare a year-end exhibition that includes what they have learned throughout the year. Silva, who is part of the DHIA Leadership Team, said she is eager to bring back innovative practices to implement in the classroom and to share with her colleagues.

TII researchers will split their time between a series of seminars, discussions, STEAM projects and team building activities, visiting NASM’s Udvar-Hazy Center – which features thousands of space objects including the Discovery Space Shuttle and a Concorde aircraft – and participating in STEAM-related Entertainment, including indoor parachuting and stargazing in the evening at the Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory.

Silva will continue to stay connected with her mentors and her TII group throughout the 2022-23 school year as she prepares for her next step as a TII mentor in the summer of 2023. Silva was recently selected by her peers. her as the Teacher of DHIA 2021-2022 year.

“I’m extremely proud of Ashley and the tremendous impact she has made on her students and DHIA colleagues over the years,” said DHIA Director Sandra Loudermilk. “Ashley is never afraid to try new concepts and we expect that her enthusiasm and creativity will make her TII experience as educational and fun for her group and mentors as her class is for her students.”

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Fontana teacher is accepted to National Air and Space Museum’s Teacher Innovator Institute | News Source link Fontana teacher is accepted to National Air and Space Museum’s Teacher Innovator Institute | News

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