Fontana resident becomes member of U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard | News

The Marco Ruiz aircraft, originally from Fontana, has completed an intensive 10-week training program to become a member of the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard.

“I joined the Navy because I have always wanted to serve my country while at the same time traveling the world and exploring career opportunities,” Ruiz said.

Founded in 1931, the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard is the official U.S. Navy Honorary Guard and is located at the Anacostia Washington Marine District Annex in Washington, DC

According to Navy officials, the main mission of the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard is to represent the service in presidential ceremonies, the Joint Navy, Navy, and public ceremonies in and around the country’s capital. Navy Ceremonial Guard members attend some of the country’s most prestigious ceremonies, including presidential inaugurations and arrival ceremonies for foreign officials.

“What I like most about the Ceremonial Guard is that I work with great people and do fantastic things,” Ruiz said.

Ceremonial Guard sailors are hand-picked while attending training camp at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. Strict military order and discipline, combined with teamwork, allow Ceremonial Guard members to fulfill their responsibilities with pride and determination. They are experts in the art of coaching, coordinating and timing.

The Ceremonial Guard consists of the training team, the colored guards, the coffin holders and the firing squad.

Coffin holders take past members of the Navy to their place of rest. The shooting party salutes with 21 guns, the honor of signing the military funeral, during each Navy funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

There are many opportunities for sailors to gain recognition in their command, community and career.

“I am very proud to have completed the initial training to become a guard,” Ruiz said. “It is very intense, but with the right mentoring and discipline, I can definitely say that it was one of my greatest achievements.”

Fontana resident becomes member of U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard | News Source link Fontana resident becomes member of U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard | News

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